Thursday, 25 September 2014

Elemis Product; Moisturiser Review.

This little beauty here has been my saviour in recent weeks. It's the S.O.S Emergency Cream moisturiser which is ideal for people with hormonal, stressed skin. If you have a severe amount of acne you can use this on the whole face as an all purpose moisturiser, however if you just have a small breakout it is recommended that you only use it on the specific area.

The products contains lavender absolute which will help repair damaged skin and also help to reduce any scarring as well as containing myrrh essential oil which has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties in it.

This product can be used daily am & pm until no longer needed.

Next week; Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Moisturiser.


  1. This sounds really promising! My skin always goes through random breakouts so I'll definitely keep this in mind!! xx

    The Sunday Chapter

    1. it's been my life saver recently, i definitely recommend it lovely!



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