Monday, 14 July 2014

Life Update and What My Lipstick Says About Me.

After a substantial amount of time away from my blog I'm back - I'm now going to have a lot more free time as I'm going back to a part time job after pretty much doing a full time one, not ideal but my new job is in the beauty industry and hopefully I'll be able to write posts surrounding it in the future so look out for them. Today's post has been in the pipeline for a while I've just never had a moment to write this, or anything for that matter. Blogging was always going to be a hobby for me because I enjoy it, but when I don't post for a while it drags me down and to be honest I lack motivation to start back up again as I feel people have lost interest by now. I really need a
kick up the bum. However, here goes....

I'm fond of a lipstick or two and recently my collection has expanded, a few MAC lipsticks have crept their way in.  Although I do love a good high street lippy too! This is were I tend to pick up a few crazy colours to try out, however I do tend to revert back to the colours I'm used to. I've also recently taken a liking to lipglosses a hell of a lot so I guess I'll keep that for another post.

"Confident" Kinda Day.
This lipstick is the Viva Glam Nicki by MAC, although the picture isn't doing it any justice (I'm going to have to learn how to use my new big girl camera). It's super bold hence why it's my lippy for when I'm feeling confident - more than likely I'll wear this a lot during the summer too as it pairs well with a lot of summer outfits, it's a bit daring so only wear it if you feel brave enough!

"Glamourous" Kinda Day.
This is the Rimmel Kate in 107 - I don't suit most reds but this one is hands down a winner for me. It makes me feel I could kick ass as it ooses fun and fiestiness! I also can't complain with it's price tag. I team this on nights out on town mainly, although I sometimes team it up with a casual yet dressy outfit when going for lunch/dinner or even out shopping.

"Rebel Rock Chick" Kinda Day.
Rimmel Kate in 04 is totallu stunning. Although in this picture it makes me look like a purple lipped version of the joker I usually have to be in a very "rock chick" phase to wear this - definitely not one for wearing during the day, unless you can rock it then, I know I can't. So I usually stick to nights out when I know I'm going to be having a wild one, mind you it ends up all over my face by the end of the night making me look not so cool, but I'm pouting away like an idiot thinking I'm looking totally suave and sultry.

"Chilled Out/Cute" Kinda Day.
MAC Creme Cup - I'm totally one for scrapping my hair back on a boring day and taking a million selfies, sorry but it's true. This is the lipstick I'd sport on said day. It's cute, subtle and girly - perfect for a casual "just heading out (not)" selfie. I also feel it's quite on trend just now and is very "Kylie Jenner" although people may disagree with that. I feel I channel her when I'm striking poses though - of course mine are better though HAHA!

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