Monday, 9 June 2014

Manchester & McBusted - Days 2&3!

Saturday morning quickly came around I got up and went for breakfast myself as my friend was still in bed (there's a reason for the word friend being in italic which you will later find out). The plans for the day ahead was to go shopping at the Arndale then get a tram to The Old Trafford Stadium and then Old Trafford Shopping Centre, then back for dinner then out to experience Manchester night life - which I couldn't wait for - eeeek! But all was not to go to plan.

After breakfast we headed to the Arndale where I was in my element shopping, and also where I experienced Selfridges for the first time, so exciting. I bought MAC Rebel lipstick in there, and then later went back for Chanel Vitalumière Aqua foundation, can't resist a splurge.

On exiting Selfridges I took a sneaky sign picture as we had entered in from the arndale entrance. 

Across the road we spotted the National Football Museum, I'm not much of a footie fan but I felt that because I had dragged my friend around the shops I'd go in there with him. Surprisingly I found it extremely enjoyable, I even left a sneaky note which you can view in picture form, below - 

anyone who saw that from Manchester must have hated me lol.

Anyway, I enjoyed it that much that afterwards we jumped on a train to the Old Trafford Stadium, originally for a nosey and then we planned on going shopping.

Instead, we got there and ended up doing a full tour of Old Trafford Stadium and didn't manage to go shopping, sad Natalie.

Tour done. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Unsure of where to go we asked the staff at reception who suggested Rosso, Rio Ferdinands restaurant. So we took their word for it and headed there, fully booked we tried Room across the road, huge waiting list - so we then tried Brown across the road from there - one cocktail down and a look at the menu later we realised there was nothing on there that we'd enjoy so we sneaked out and headed wherever our feet decided to take us - rain and heels equalled a grumpy Natalie. Bella Italia soon came into sight so we headed into there and finally got some grub.

How cute is the menu for Bella Italia?!

Bill paid, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the night ahead. Quick outfit change and then all hell broke loose, a minor disagreement between me and my friend turned into a full scale argument and I was left sitting in silence like a lemon. Night well an truly ruined. After asking my supposed best guy friend if he was going to come out to let me know by half 10, he decided he wasn't and that I could go myself. As if I was going to go out in a strange place myself, but it was rather nice of him to let me, not! A convo with my Mum on the phone (I went and sat at reception and was kidding that I was actually away out) and a river of tears later, I headed back to the hotel room after agreeing with my Mum I wouldn't go out on my own and convincing her she didn't have to travel the 3 hour car journey down to get me I went upstairs to bed. How fun my night out was eh?! 

Next morning I got up and did my own thing, breakfast and shopping arriving 10 minutes before check out. A few words were exchanged between me and my now not so best friend and we checked out and headed for our train. Other than him asking me if I wanted head phones to use on the train journey home we spoke no more as I sat reading magazines and he sat listening to music. Most boring train journey ever, I couldn't wait to get home.

My Mum picked us up at the train station and shared her feelings towards my friend with him about how he treated me and I put in what I thought about him also, however he didn't seem to think he was in the wrong, so after a month we're still not talking and 8 years of friendship is down the drain.

Roll on the next weekend away were I'll maybe get round to experiencing a night out in wherever I may go.

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