Thursday, 29 May 2014

My 21st Birthday Gifts.

I swear this is my last birthday related blog post - it won't be a long one anyway, but I'm certain you are all bored of hearing about it by now - I'm in no way trying to boast about what I got, I just thought I'd share with you the treats I received and got spoiled with on my birthday, to be fair - it's not every day you turn 21 is it?!

Alchohol ..

and lots of it haha...

Perfume - both so fruity and amazing!

Gorgeous jewellery - nice and sparkly the way I like it,

How cute is this charm, gorgeous pressie from my best friend!

Biys and bobs, currently munching the ferrero rocher as I type this haha.

Daily reminders that I'm 21 haha - getting old.

I also got a boxset sent to me full of Lush goodies, and of course plenty of money which is well and truely gone haha.

Again (although they won't see this) a big thank you to my family and friends who spoiled me rotten an celebrated my day with me, I love you all! 


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