Sunday, 6 April 2014

Top 6 Concerts.

I know my plan is to blog on Tuesdays and get back to blogging about "beauty related" things more but before Tuesday comes around I thought I'd make this post after seeing Justin "Trousersnake" Timberlake live on Friday night. The night before I had been messaging Jo from Sparkle Bug after reading her post on seeing Justin live which asked at the bottom to let her know who your favourite person you've seen live was - which I then answered, but in hindsight I've saw loads of people live in concert so there's been more than 1 that's stood out to me which is where the idea of this post came from.

I'm in no way boasting about this in case you all take it that way - but I've been lucky to see realistically over 100 to 200 people live in concert - some I've saw several times others I've saw once. I mainly have my Mum to thank as she usually gets me tickets for my birthday and Christmas - and to be honest I've only saw some people as there has been about 4 or 5 times when the lineup has been more than one band or artist, having said that I've never been to a festival in my life. Also, I have quite a lucky streak when it comes to concerts as I've won concert tickets 4 times in my life - twice being on Friday the 13th haha! My big cousin was joking to me the other day saying I should be given vip at concerts now as I must be ticketmasters best customer, if only eh?!

Anyway I best stop rambling on - here are my top 6 artists/bands I've saw live and why (in no particular order);

(you will also realise I have a varied taste in music haha)

Tinie Tempah
To be honest one of my main reasons for this being one of my favourites is because he came off the stage and as I was at the very front I got to squeeze his bicep, lucky me! He really is amazing live though, he gets the crowd totally involved and a mosh pit got started during his song "Mosh Pit" which was right behind me and was insane - he then proceeded to soak us all with bottles of water, thanks for that Tinie - I appreciated looking like a drowned rat, not! haha.

This is an emotional one as I won't get to see these guys again, but I'm glad to say I managed to squeeze seeing them in 10 times throughout the years. This particular picture was taken at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Concert which I was lucky enough to win tickets too - I took my Mum and had a grand old time with her in London. To be honest JLS are my favourite band still and at 20 years old I still fan girl over them. I genuinely loved all their songs and know them word for word - so sad that I'll not see them an 11th time (anytime soon anyway). 

Although it doesn't look like it we had an amazing place in the crowd for this one too - not as good as front barrier place but still quite good considering. I knew when Eminem returned to Glasgow I had to go see him, sold out crowd and still managed to get tickets, woopwoop. Of course he pulled it out the bag and done an amazing performance - expected no less - however the only thing letting my viewing pleasure down was the drunken/drugged up idiots surrounding me who constantly wanted to start fights - back off you freaks! Other than that (oh, and almost fainting) I had an amazing night with my big cousin and one of my best friends and if you ever get the chance to see Eminem, I'd advise you grab it with both hands, although maybe not in that environment. 

Professor Green
Okay quite a random one for most and those not from the UK if you aren't aware who this is he is a rapper from London. I'm obsessed with Professor Green I could tell you anything you wanted to know about him it verges on creepy haha! He is a bit of a bad boy and has been reffered to as the UK version of Eminem - which I couldn't disagree with any more if I tried - I love them both but I hate the comparison, they both do their own thing and do it well. The thing I love most about Mr Stephen Manderson (his real name) is that he raps about his life and helps you relate to him, his lyrics are a story and trust me I bet everyone of you could find one you could relate too. Sadly he's touring in Glasgow in May and I can't go so will need to sell my ticket (let me know if you would want to buy it) - I'm instead heading off to see McBusted in Manchester, how very different - but I've saw Professor Green roughly 8 times now so missing him once I can deal with.

Yes this is how close I was to her, oh my, oh my. Unsurprisingly she performed amazingly. Not only did she sing to perfection but she also put on a crazy ass acrobatic routine and had all sorts going on throughout, as well as dancing on par with her dancers. I'd definitely go back in a flash to see her - although I'd do seating thing time round, she had about 5 support acts and we stood for over 6 hours - hello sore feet! I was in awe by her.

Justin Timberlake
Okay I definitely couldn't miss him out - Jo wasn't kidding when she said how good he was, she said she thought he'd blow Pink out the park but I still can't say - they were definitely on par though. He sang, he danced, he played piano, he played keyboard, he played guitar as well as doing a few cover songs - I was in awe, although our seats weren't that close to the stage we had a great clear view - although my iphone camera fails to show that haha! I got these tickets as part of graduating and I couldn't have asked for a better graduation present - he deserves all the success he has. Flawless is an understatement. Oh, and me and my cousin also managed to grab a selfie with Justin's DJ! Claim to fame haha.

Who's been your favourite person to see live? 
Or who would you really love to see?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! aw she is amazing live - i 100% recommend you go see her if you ever get the chance - i'd avoid standing though if you want to avoid sore feet haha x

  2. aaah thanks for the mention hunny! SO glad you enjoyed the JT concert....i'm definitely counting down until I can go see him again. I loved JLS & Tinie as well, such good performers!
    Katy Perry & Rihanna (once she eventually decides to turn up! lool) were two of my faves as well :)

    1. Aw you're very welcome misses! He was amazing totally did not dissapoint! Yeah they are fab live :)
      I'm going to see Katy Perry next month so I can't wait - I've heard mixed reports about her being live though :\ I'd love to see Rihanna too but next on my list is Jessie J, I've saw her but it was only for 1 song so I'd love to see her do a full show!



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