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Top 10 Youtubers (Non Beauty Related).

Back in January I posted my top 10 favourite youtubers - beauty edition, which you can find here. Today I'm posting my "non-beauty" faves. For me chopping it down to 10 was super hard so there will be a list of my other favourites at the end, the majority are all well known youtubers so pretty much all of them won't come as a surprise if your an avid lover of youtube. This time round I'm also going to say; what I like about their channel, what you should go there for - content wise and also I will link one of my favourite videos of theirs (I will do the for the top 10 only).

I genuinely think Louise is my long lost relative, it's so weird how much I see myself in her when I watch her videos, she makes me cry with laughter and her videos with her little girl Darcy are beyond cute. She also refers to her "fandom" as Sprinklerinos which is super nice. It's weird to say that although I don't personally know Louise and she has no clue who I am I look up to her like a big sister - call me a creep all you like but it's true, when she does video's on giving advice I always listen to it and find it really helps as well. If you fancy checking out Louise's channel, which I recommend mainly for severe laughing fits, I say you check out the super duper cute Q&A with her little girl which you can find here --> Click Me. Louise also has another channel called SprinkleofChatter which is also just as good, and has a blog under the SprinkleofGlitter name.

You may recognise Zoe aka Zoella from the recent issue of Company magazine, yip this wee beaut recently graced the cover that's how popular she is. Zoe's channel is usually mistaken for a beauty channel but she personally doesn't categorise it. She's best "chummies" with Louise so you'll no doubt see her pop up on videos on Louise's channel and vice versa. Zoe's channel is great for great for literally anything, but more recently hauls as she's just moved into a new house. She also has great advice videos, check out her video on dealing with anxiety and panic attacks here. Just like her chummie she also has a second channel and a blog.

Literally one of the hottest guys to grace youtube, well in my opinion. Little brother of Zoe (mentioned above). The only single one of the group so automatically 10x more attractive haha (but it does kind of help if your a Mila Kunis or Pixie Lott lookalike - which I am neither haha). In all honesty though his videos are great, they always have me in stitches with laughter. He's also an amazing singer - just check out the Youtube Boyband and you'll know what I mean. His most epic videos are his impression videos as far as I'm concerned, you can check one of them out here (skip to 2.22 and thank me later ;) then go back and watch it all from the start).

Helloooooooo (if you watch his videos you'll understand that). Marcus' videos make me laugh so much. Whether it's a Marcus video or a Margaret video they always have the same effect on me. His channel always provides great entertainment with him uploading a Mondare Marcus to it on a Monday. He's also fond of an accent video which he's rather good at (oh to have many talents, eh?!) You can watch his collaboration on "How to Speak Australian" with Zoe here (however, most of his accent videos are collabs with Zoe and most can be found on her channel).

Boyfriend of Zoe, PointlessBlog or Alfie if you'd rather is one of my favourites because first off his relationship with Zoe is super cute and also the fact he is always involved in the best collab videos ever. He can be rather dosey like myself, which makes him a lot more entertaining. His channel is not the best if your looking for a daily vlogger because that's not his forte, just watch his vlogmas to discover that haha! If I'm directing you into Alfie's channel for a good time, I say check this video out first, his recent collab with Joey Graceffa.

Jim Chapman, brother of Pixiwoo and fiance of Tanya Burr is MY best friend. I wish. Although having said that he does refer to his "fandom" as his best friends, making watching him that bit better. His videos always feel like he's directing his conversation right at you personally which I suppose most youtubers do, but him calling you his best friend at the start is the cherry on top of the cake. He has also recently been cast for a presenting spot on a new tv show called Viral Tap on ITV (UK) so look out for it. Here is a video ft. Tanya that I recommend you check out.

I cheated a bit here, soz. O2L (Our2ndLife) are a collab channel which is made up of 5 guys - who also have their own individual channels - if I had enough space in my top 10 I'd have gave a few of them a spot of their own on it, but to keep it fair I've done it this way.  They're all blummin gorgeous so are great viewing pleasure (although 2 are a bit young for me haha) along with their video content. They all have a separate day of the week to upload their own video on the O2L channel but on the odd occasion they post a 5/5 video - you can watch the most recent 5/5 video here.

The Queen of all Queen's. Tyler honestly posts the most insane videos - his own birth anyone?! haha. He genuinely has no qualms of sharing his entire life with the world, we probably know him as much as his best friend does. Regularly referred to as "Troyler" alongside Troye Sivan (below) as the majority of their fandom ship them together, me being one of they people. They are my OTP (one true pairing). When Tyler's not posting a Q&A video, or getting drunk with Sawyer Hartman he can usually be found casually hanging out with Barak Obama, yip. Trying to find my favourite video of his is proving difficult as I love them all so I'm just going to randomly put a Q&A righttttt here

The second half of Troyler (well he's technically the first half but not the way I've set them out haha). Troye with his beyond beautiful voice - no joke, check out him singing. His videos are always outdoing the previous one and his "Coming Out" video made me cry my eyes out, he's just super cute and I want to cuddle him! Don't let his cuteness fool you though, he is on point with his hilarious banter and bitching with Tyler so definitely check his videos with him out. However, I'm directing you via this video as he posted it recently and is genuinely one of the best videos I've saw in a loooooong time.

Jenn's videos are always well thought out and great to watch. She often posts Q&A videos or tags which always give you an insight to her life and you often see the O2L boys pop up on her channel as well. Her videos are always interesting to watch and although they are the same format  they are rarely the same content wise as you always find out something new. My all time favourite video of Jenn's though is this one cause it's blummin hilarious, go watch!!

Soooo that's almost it for this post - god damn procrastination, I started this at like 4 o'clock UK time and it's now almost 8, great. Also on that note - Zoe has also just confirmed on twitter she doesn't class herself as a beauty guru, check that for good timing! haha.

Lastly, here's my faves I couldn't fit in; Caspar Lee, Sawyer Hartman, Joey Graceffa, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, Miranda Sings, That's So Jack, AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire, Charlieissocoollike, Rebecca Black, Andrea Russett, Alexa Losey, MazziMaz, Sam Pepper, Doug and FunforLouis - there are obviously more but these are the ones I watch daily.

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