Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My 21st Birthday Party.

I'm currently super bored so I thought I might as well take the chance of some free time to write about my 21st birthday party at the weekend. If you hadn't gathered by now I turned 21 on Saturday (the 26th of April to be precise) and I was spoiled rotten by my lovely family and friends. I'll keep what I got as gifts for another post, as well as my makeup and outfit, I'll just tell you about the day before my party and the events which took place on the day.

Friday 25th April;

I had so much to do. Nails to get done, hair to get put into rollers, my cousins fake tan to do, my own fake tan to do, my eyelashes to do and also to organise flowers for my Mum - as well as getting alcohol in for pre drinks whilst getting ready. Surprisingly I managed to fit this all in on the Friday I firstly popped into McDonalds to have a think about what I was going to do first, which turned out to be my nails - I opted for silver glitter tip acrylics, which were absolutely gorgeous - I could have done them myself but I wanted to be pampered. I then headed off to see about ordering flowers to give to my Mum during my speech as a thank you, however, I then had to detour elsewhere to order them as I didn't like the first place too much. I then went into the local supermarket to buy my alcohol, I then changed my mind and decided my big brother could buy me it and I headed off home before setting off to the hairdressers. Once I got to the hairdressers I had my hair washed and dried before being put into bendy rollers - I honestly dreaded the night ahead. I'd had the rollers in years ago and found it so hard to sleep. Before heading home I had to do a pit stop at my cousins to do her tan, I know I'm too nice haha. Okay, quick stop there then headed home plastic bag over my hair I jumped in the shower, came out and done my tan, St Tropez mousse for those of you that are wondering. I then applied SalonSystem Individual Eyelashes (almost 2 full packs of medium, and some small) then sent a few texts back and forth to friends and headed to sleep, I surprisingly slept quite good considering my roller head.

roller head - silver glitter tip acrylics.

Saturday 26th April;
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Ahhh I'm 21! I'd literally been talking about this day for years and now it had arrived. I've always been a lover of parties so it was fun for it to be my own - although my poor Mum was super stressed - bless her. I yet again had a busy day in front of me. I headed to get my cake with my best friend Lauren, after getting lost for a good 20 minutes we eventually found the house we had to pick it up at (never trust google maps), the cake was beyond beautiful. I then headed home and started sorting out buffet stuff with my Mum, Auntie and cousin - I then had to leave that duty to go and get my rollers out at my 1 o'clock appointment - my party wasn't until half 7 but it stayed in all night long. On my way there (my big cousin dropped me off and my big brother and his best friend accompanied us in the car) at the roundabout at my house there was a HUGE sign that read "Happy 21st Birthday Natalie" with balloons on it, I was mortified. After being sprayed with so much hair spray that I was scared to be next to the candles on my cake I headed home. My big cousin and I headed up to the club my party was being held in to set up, I could have re-wallpapered the place with the amount of pictures I had of me throughout the years haha! It was then time to head home and get ready, eeeeeek! 7 o'clock arrived and my mum, dad, brother and myself headed to the party destination - nerves were making me throw long vodkas down my neck like there was no tomorrow. At last people started arriving just shortly after half 7 - woohoo I was liked after all! lmao. Sadly I wasn't as pleased with my DJ - my usual family party DJ had a wedding that night so I had to look for a replacement, he was good - but not as good as I'd have liked. However, the buffet - went down a treat and it was then time for me to cut my cake and make my speech, uh oh.. drunken Natalie and speeches don't go down too well haha - I thanked all my helpers and gave them their gifts and then a special thanks to my Mum which she recieved her flowers. In my drunken state I stated "thanks to my Mum I wouldn't be here without her" hahaha no shit sherlock. So embarrassed! But I knew what I meant, like, the party wouldn't have taken place without her help. Anyway, speech out the way I went back to dancing and drinking - another downfall is not many pictures were taken, not like me as I usually take one too many pictures so I must have been stressing too much. I then headed to a cupboard to get dressed into a different outfit - me and my friends were going to a nightclub after my party, I got locked in the cupboard and was screaming in panic, no phone in there with me but I managed to escape haha. Quick change of the clothes and then the final orders at the bar were called, then the last song came around - all my friends and family friends surrounding me and my family on the dance floor I couldn't have wished for anything more. 

the roundabout banner - selfie - me and lauren - family picture.

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