Friday, 25 April 2014

It's My Birthday!!!

OMG I'm blummin 21 years old! I always remember when I was younger and my big cousins were all turning 21 and I used to think "I can't wait till I'm that age" and now that age is here and I feel ancient haha! In some aspects I feel so grown up but at the same time I'm still quite immature for my age, or as I'd put it, I know how to have fun! I wouldn't change it for the world though haha.

As many of you will know I'm having a party tonight (it's should be just after 12 in the morning as I post this) so there will be a few posts up throughout the week talking about the shenanagins making up for a lack of posts last week, however there was one I had wrote but didn't get round to finishing and is still sitting in my drafts, typical of me! haha. Maybe turning 21 will make me more wise and I'll post more often haha.

This is me currently sitting with my rollers in (still need to shove some tan on in this pic, oooops) , can you tell I'm pretty excited?! haha. 

Anyway, I shall catch up with you all during the week as I'll spend Sunday in bed hungover and then I'm back at work on Monday!

P.s thank you all for the birthday wishe in advance!!


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