Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Capture the Moment.

I've came to the conclusion Tuesday's would be the best day for me to post as I don't tend to do anything on a Tuesday and as I said last week I'm going to start posting regularly, so hopefully I'll stick to my word and have a post up on a Tuesday, who knows I maybe even pre-plan a few. Today I thought about what I could make my post about before I get back into writing beauty related posts and then something clicked in my mind that inspired me to write a post on capturing the moment.

Looking through old pictures for my 21st has made me realise I need to start taking more pictures and getting them printed off - I used to constantly have my camera on me and in one night out I could easily take over 500 pictures on my camera, and then disaster struck, my camera broke! That was over a year ago and now I use my phone, as much as I love my beloved iphone it's not quite the same feeling. Everyone counted on me to have my camera with me at parties and now on my 21st I'm going to have to rely on my poxy phone to see me through the night (although I'm sure my Mum will have her new one with her). Looking back on old pictures makes me laugh, a lot. The memories come rushing back and all of a sudden your back being 8 (or whatever age you would have been in the picture) all over again. 

I must admit I think I get my love for taking pictures from my Mum, when trying to find pictures for my 21st I was in my Mum's room with all the pictures on her massive bed and there was easily over 2000 that I looked through from when my Mum was a baby right through to last year - they aren't in any order so I genuinely had to look through them all to find the ones I was looking for, and I'd hate to be the person who eventually gets round to putting them in order.

(source: google)

As well as laughing my head off I must admit I shed a few tears when looking through them - it's hard seeing people in a picture when all you want is to see them in person, even for one last minute. That's another reason I love the thought of capturing the moment, life's too short so when you can snap away whether it be with friends, family, a partner or even strangers you bump into on a night out with friends, because when they're gone you'll always have the picture's to look back on, were when you do you'll go back to that moment and remember everything right down to how you felt, what the smell was, how the weather was that day, everything! and for that moment of looking at the picture I can assure you, even if you're not a lover of getting your picture taken, you'll be grateful for having it took at that exact moment.

Although I'm fond of a selfie, I'll make sure I get loads of proper pictures at my party and get them posted, 25 days and counting! 

My task for you? To go and snap a picture or even better, write a blog post alongside a picture explaining the memory from the picture and link it to me in the comments!


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    1. thanks love! yeah i sure will


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