Thursday, 6 March 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week Nine.

I know I've been absolutely crap at posting these on time recently, but in the early hours of Wednesday morning as in 4 o'clock kind of early, I was up and ready and heading to the airport - where was I going? No where at all. Unfortunately I was only dropping my big brother off as he was heading to Rome, jammy sod. So anyhoo, we had a family dinner and an early night Tuesday so didn't have the time to pre plan a post, then on Wednesday after getting back in the house after 7 in the morning I headed back to bed, slept until 1 o'clock then got up and went to be my friends client and college, I got a facial alongside a non surgical face lift, and then rightly so went home and slept again all day long hence there being no post until now.

To be honest the healthy eating plan I'm supposed to be on has been shit this week, to put it bluntly. I went back to body attack on Monday night and it killed! The only place I'm going wrong is I'm still eating unhealthy dinners and I can't get away from it, I'm a mega fussy eater and when I'm eating healthy the only thing I tend to eat is pasta for dinner - either that or a weight watchers chicken curry, on the downside of the curry though I have chips with it - it's a blummin vicious circle, please someone help before I go off track completely?!?! 

-Again, haven't weighed myself this week as it's "that time of the month" so referring back to last month I was advised off a few of you girlies not to weigh myself at this point cause it's likely not to be accurate.

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