Monday, 10 March 2014

The 90s Tag.

I've saw a lot of people doing posts on the 90s recently such as trends from the 90s so when I came across the 90s tag on youtube the other day I thought I'd bring it to the land of blogging, apologies if it's been done - I haven't saw it in "blog" version yet. If you were a 90s child then I tag you!!

1. What year were you born in?
I was born in 1993, which means I spent the first 7 years of my life in the 90s.

2. Do you have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger? If you do, show them.
Small collage of pictures from when I was at dancing when I was younger, and me with my big brother - note, I have no interest in football these days haha.

3. What TV shows did you grow up watching?
When I was really young it was things like The Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo, Teletubbies, Bear in the Big Blue House, Recess etc, then it moved on to things like That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzie McGuire blablabla...

4. What did you want to be when you grow up and do you still want to be that?
The earliest that I can remember is wanting to be a ballerina then a backing dancer for Britney Spears - I still wouldn't mind doing that last one haha.

5. Show a video of yourself when you were younger.
I would have no idea where to begin to put a video on here so I'll just inform you of one - at my first birthday party there's a video of me taking loads of malteser sweets (candy) from the bowl on the table and me putting them in the pockets of my beautiful white dress, funnily enough they've always been my favourite sweet.

6. What were your favourite toys to play with?
I loved things like Polly Pockets, Dream Catchers, Barbies - they usual girly things, but most of my time when I was younger was spent outside playing as there were lots of children in my street when I was younger.

7. What's the most embarrassing thing that you can remember doing?
Playing a game that had a rude word in the name and coming in and telling my Mum that's what we were playing outside, unaware at the time the word was a bad one - I think she almost had a heart attack haha! I was mortified.

8. Read something you wrote when you were in Kindergarten:
Kindergarten would be Nursery to me since I live in Scotland - but I actually can't put my hands on anything at this moment in time because my Mum keeps them all up in the loft which I can't get in to.

9. Three songs you loved to listen to as a child.
Britney Spears - Baby,
S Club 7 - Reach,
A1 - Ready or Not.
I swear these songs are amazing! You literally missed out if you weren't born in the 90s as we had the best music back in the day.

10. What was one funny thing you dressed up as for Halloween when you were younger?
I dressed up as Pebbles from The Flintstones and my big brother dressed up as Fred Flintstone.

11. Tell a funny story of something you remember happening when you were young.
This isn't particularly a funny story but it's something funny that I remember doing all the time as a child, me, my brother and 3 cousins used to always put on shows and make up songs and perform them in the living room of my house, when we weren't doing that we used to reenact movies from back in the day and we'd all have our own character from the film that we would be - so embarrassing thinking about it now. (p.s I can still vaguely remember some of the lyrics to one of the songs we had made up hahaha).

12. Are there any special things you've kept from when you were a child?
Yeah I keep a memory box of loads of things but my Mum has pretty much everything from like School etc.

13. What was something weird you used to do as a child?
Can't believe I'm going to say this but I used to get my Mum to chew the coating off chewing gum for me and when it go to the chewy part she'd give me it back as that's the only bit I liked - of course that doesn't happen now haha.

14. What's the scariest thing you remember that happened to you when you were younger?
Warning - Graphic!! When I was 9 (So technically not the 90s at this point but I was still younger) I fell off a climbing frame and ended up in hospital as my bone had came out my arm - yip, I could literally see the bone sticking through my arm covered in blood (once they had cut off my jumper), disgusting I know.

15. How is the world now different from how it was like when you were a child?
There's loads different, like the internet, phones, everything! When I was younger you couldn't use the house phone if someone was on the internet - known as dial up haha! Phone's where basic you could literally only phone and text someone and play a game of snake - and you could probably knock someone out with the weight of the phone, people actually phoned peoples house's to speak to them or even better, go to their house. Also you don't get children out playing all the games I did as a child which makes me so glad I'm not growing up as part of the young generation these days.
90s Child? You're tagged!


  1. Aww I love this TAG, will be doing it on my blog too.
    I love brit and s club 7 too

    1. Me too, when I saw it on youtube I was like I definitely have to have that for my blog! lol, and yeah they were fab!


  2. great tag. i love it you learn so much about a blogger. great answers. xoxo Vanessa

    1. thank you! and yeah you do, it's great to have a nosey lol, thank you :) xx


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