Friday, 21 March 2014

Let's Have a Catch Up.

Any regulars will realise I've been a bit MIA recently, I've not purposely done a disappearing act, I've just had a bit much on - who knew planning my own 21st party would cause so much stress? So I thought I'd sit down today and write a post on what's been happening in my time of absence.

Planning, planning, planning - as said above I've been planning my 21st - I wish I could afford a party planner, but I'm almost done - just have to get a few banners, food in for the buffet (which my Mum will get in nearer the time) and hand out the rest of my invites - I'm so terrified in case nobody turns up, eeek! I love a good party though so I'll get drunk and probably not realise who's even bothered to turn up haha! My dress is beautiful - but after my party I'll have a post up on all the shenanigans and of course a picture of me dolled up to the nines! I was going to go to MAC for my makeup to be done, but the nearest MAC to me is about a half hour train journey so I'd be rushing about like a headless chicken, so I'm going to just buy MAC makeup with a voucher my brother got me for christmas and do my own, I am a beautician at the end of the day so I'm more than qualified to do the job haha!

Babies - not mines! I done a post recently where I mentioned becoming a big cousin again in February, and in January two of my best friends had babies, so I've been doing my Auntie Natalie duties going visiting babies constantly, they are cute as buttons all three of them! However, it's definitely confirmed for me I don't want a baby of my own for a good few years yet haha! I'm so proud of my best friends though, they will be fab Mummies! Oh, and as one of them had a boy and one had a girl - I've been playing cupid trying to set them up on their first date already lmao.

Job hunt - Trying to find a job is as stressful as ever, someone employ me!! .. That's all I have to say on that matter.

Gigs & Manchester advice - Anyone that knows me personally will know I'm obsessed with going to gigs - I've probably saw a good 100 odd people live, many I've saw multiple times, so this year I've got planned so far Justin Timberlake on the 4th of April, McBusted on the 8th of May and Katy Perry on the 16th of May - I need help here though - I'm going to see McBusted in Manchester, and I've never been there in my life, me and my two friends are making a weekend of it, so if any of you have been to/stay in Manchester could you let me know of good places to stay/eat/go out , that are all relatively cheap, thanks!

Think that's all that I need to update you all on for now. I'm going to get back to posting regularly as of next week. I'm potentially going to try and have one or two days were I post weekly and then any out of the blue post's which can appear anytime.

What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Aww I remember being so stressed about my 21st parties. I had two one at home and one at uni, but I loved every second of them and it was worth the stress.
    In Manchester hotels can be expensive so book well in advance, if its at the Manchester Arena there are lots of hotels close by, a park inn and a new travel lodge has opened very central in picadilly gardens.
    Manchester is full of restaurants, a huge china town is fab. My favourite is Don Giovannis if you like Italian.

    1. Hopefully mine will be worth it too, I couldn't cope having two! lmao.
      Well my 21st is like 2 weeks before we go so I was just going to book it with the money I get from that, but thanks for letting me know - I'll have a look at them all.
      Ohhh I do love an Italian meal so maybe try out there - will have to consult with my friends to see if they do too haha.

      Thank you again! xxx

  2. I know you'll have a great party and everyone will be talking about how fun it was! Looking forward to more updates :) Also, you are definitely not alone with being stressed on a job hunt. I'll pray that someone awesome hires you soon!

    1. Aw thank you, fingers crossed! haha. You also - it's totally rubbish being unemployed! x


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