Thursday, 20 February 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week Seven.

Late post as I know it's Thursday now and not Wednesday - but my weeks been a bit of a shambles to be honest! I literally haven't even weighed myself yet this week so who knows if I've lost or put on or stayed the same - all I can say is I tried those meal replacement shakes - the one I told you about in last weeks post. They were good and tasted soooooo yummy! (I got the Strawberry one and a Banana one - even though I hate actual banana's) Though one thing is for sure, I definitely can't use them as a total replacement maybe a breakfast replacement and that's all, as I was doing a shake for breakfast and lunch and then having my normal dinner - but on occasion I felt faint and light headed constantly, in the end I ended up eating again as I would normally without the shakes - yet still healthy and I felt much better, maybe if I just done the shakes at the weekends? Who knows!?

If anyone has any advice on meal replacement shakes please let me know in the comments!

Change in Weight (since previous Wednesday):
Like I said I haven't weighed myself yet so I'll be sure to fill this part in, in due course.
-update I weighed myself last night, I lost 1lb this week, woopwoop.

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