Thursday, 27 February 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week Eight.

A day late.. again - I've had such a hellish week, I ended up walking out of my job and all sorts, my healthy eating regime has been sooooo up and down and I've been to zero fitness classes - the plan is to fit one in today, but I got news this morning that I've became a big cousin again, YAY! So my day will now consist of baby shopping and going to get big kisses and cuddles from a gorgeous wee bambino, whom will hopefully have a name by the time I go see him (I'll keep ya'll updated).

So sorry for another crappy put together last minute post but that's the way life is these days, I'm sure I'll get by haha!

On the plus side though I did manage to weigh myself so below my motivational picture you can check that out.. not that it's much (not surprising I'm sure).

Change in Weight (since previous Wednesday):
1lb, better than nothing considering how crap my weeks been.


  1. Sorry you've been having a bad week :( I've been trying to lose some weight too and I've been struggling. Just don't lose sight of your goals, hopefully that'll make it easier! x

    1. Thanks for the advice misses, hopefully I'll manage to stay on the right track and lose a bit more xx


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