Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Room Tour.

Thought I'd do something I'd never saw done before hahaha! I really do hope you sensed the sarcasm there. I've saw "the room tour" done about 5 times this past week so thought I'd give it a go, and my room is by no means as spectacular as the rooms I've saw - they have been something else! But I thought I'd show you all my room anyway as I find the posts really interesting and I bet you all are just as nosey as me, even if you try and kid on that your not. So here goes, welcome to my bedroom.
This is on the door as you enter my room - my late Auntie got me it as a gift when I was about 9, so it's been on my door nearly 12 years.
The view as you open the door - for not being a big fan of pink my room certainly doesn't show that, it used to be lilac (my favourite colour) but I had to change it up when I decorated two years ago.
My computer desk and my favourite teddies - Lotso from Toy Story 3 and Leicester whom I got when I was 9 and in the hospital, random name for a teddy especially since I was 9? 
Love a Yankee Candle, Vanilla Cupcake and Christmas Cookie both smell so yummy!
On the second shelf of my computer desk, TV remotes, 2 Linsey Kelk books (I Heart Christmas and A Girls to do List), my diary and a pen, earphones, my notepad for my 21st party notes, beechams for my sore throat and also vics for my sore throat/blocked nose. 
My magnet from my big brother, love him to bits!
Above my computer desk (and to the left) is a photo frame with my mum and dad, me and all my friends, and me and my big brother on my 18th birthday.
My wardrobe - yip it's massive! haha.

In the right hand side of my wardrobe -
Casual clothes - colour coordinated, all my notes and books from college, and my shoe collection.
Above the clothes (as I couldn't fit it all in the one picture) is my bags, in a jumble haha.
In the middle of my wardrobe -
My wax pot, nail polishes and random junk stays here, as well as bathroom towels on the top shelves.
Also on the back of the middle wardrobe door is my professor green signed photo.
Below my middle wardrobe is a set of 3 drawers.
Top drawer - junk.
Middle drawer - makeup, skin care product and brushes.
Bottom drawer - hair products and utensils and perfumes.
In the left hand side of my wardrobe -
Christmas presents and party clothes, again colour coordinated.
Above the Christmas present and party clothes -
random boxes and my memory box.
My Fake Bake tent - as I'm qualified in spray tanning, my CD shelf, slippers, my bag, a table for doing nails on or work of some sort on, and a set of dumbbell weights.  

My TV which sits on drawers containing my underwear , socks, etc. another a set of drawers for tanning products, acrylic nail products, and nail art products, my laundry basket, and yet more teddies, oh and a tweety pie balloon.
I had to put in this balloon cause it's the longest surviving balloon ever - I've had it since I was 9, I was given it in hospital and it's still not burst after all these years, usually they deflate after about a month haha. 
And finally my cosy bed, with my wall quote which is the lyrics to Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars.
"If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me & just forget the world?"
So that's my room - I hope you found it interesting, if you would like more of a sneak peak into anything you've saw in my room let me know in the comments and I shall do a post on it sometime soon.


  1. Love the yankee candle and the wall quote, pretty room :)


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