Sunday, 2 February 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge - Once Upon A Time...

Warning - Contains Spoilers!!
This weeks topic - if you didn't get it from the name of the post - is books. So I've decided I'm going to tell you all about my favourite book, or one of them anyway - originally I was going to write about the Linsey Kelk - I Heart... series but I couldn't just pick one I'd have to write about the full series so I went outwith my comfort blanket to another favourite, I don't love it just as much as the I Heart series but it's pretty much near enough up there with that.
The book I am dragging on telling you all about, but actually not telling you what it is, is called Amy and it's by Mary Hooper.
(source from google as I couldn't find my own copy)
Amy - is about a young girl, who's name is Amy - though that may not come as a surprise to you all, who falls out with her two best friends after becoming the "third wheel" and goes to the internet as an escape. Becoming hooked on internet chat rooms and befriending an 18 year old guy who types under the name of  Zed, but is Zed everything he's making himself out to be?
Typically Amy is hanging onto Zed's every word hook, line and sinker and is reeled in so when he invites her to his place, the usually wise and level headed Amy is there like a shot, even with new and geeky best friend "Beaky" warning her of him, she isn't up for listening to her - and therefore ends up lying to her parents of her whereabouts when she sets of to meet Zed, knowing her Mum and Dad both weren't overly keen on her talking to someone online in the first place.
So it isn't a shock that when Amy does eventually meet Zed he isn't everything he's cracked up to be and she becomes more aware of this when she realises she's been slipped the "date rape" drug during their picnic on the isolated sand dunes. After realising her shirt is on back to front everything comes flashing back to Amy of being photographed naked - not raped. So when she manages to get back home and informs Beaky of what went on they set out on their mission to try and trap Zed so they can report him to the police.
But where does it go from there? You have to read it and find out!
Upon looking into this it's apparently a children's book for ages 10 up - but I was a teenager when I first read it, maybe about 14 at the youngest and I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and even at 20 I still like to fish it out now and again and have a read. It's maybe not the most intellectual read as the writing is a bit simple and easy to read - but being a children's book it makes you aware of the dangers and as the book is set out like a police report where Amy is telling her flashbacks of the story, it makes everything believable and when reading it you suddenly become aware that even you are believing all the lies Zed is spinning. A great read if your wanting to get chills, a quick read at the pool on holiday or made aware of the dangers of talking to people online and meeting up with them yourself.


  1. Sounds like a good book that all young girls should read. Chat rooms and things didn't really exist (not in the way that they do now) when I was younger (not that I'm ancient - just 31!), and I'm actually pretty pleased about that. There are so many dangers out there, it's important people are aware of how easily you can get yourself into trouble.

    I'm also part of the #2014BloggerChallenge and posted about my favourite book of 2013 - I Am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes:

    Victoria, x

    1. Yeah they really should - in my opinion anyway. No I totally understand what you mean - your definitely not ancient! lol. Even when I was younger they weren't as popular as they are now and they can be quite dangerous, which this book proves.

      Oooh nice, I'll check it out :)



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