Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday.

EEEEEEK, I'm so excited (not crazy at all)! 

If you all follow the lovely Jennifer from Barely There Beauty (if you don't you should) then you will be aware that she has come up with a blogger weight loss group to kick start our diets for 2014. The prospect of Weight Loss Wednesday - known to the twitter world as #BloggersWLW - is to help motivate each other by writing weekly posts giving tips and advice on healthy eating or keeping everyone up to date with your own goal, literally anything weight loss related goes. There will also be a #BloggersWLW chat on twitter every Thursday night at 8pm - so if you all want to join in and get fit for fun then head over to Jennifer's blog which I've linked and pop her a wee message.

So anyway, I guess here's my first WLW post, ahhh!

My reason:

The reason behind wanting to lose weight is my 21st is in April and I'm holding a party , obviously with it being my party I'm going to want to wear a stunning dress and I can't get the style I want being the weight that I am so that's what's motivating me.

My Goal:

Ideally I would want to lose 6 stone (84lbs) altogether, but with my party being only 3 and a bit months away I'll happily settle with 3 (42lbs) or 4 stone (56lbs) in time for my party. 

What I've Done so far:

If you're a fan of TOWIE (the only way is essex - uk reality tv show) then I should let you know I've bought the "Essexercise" workout dvd from Poundland - for £1 of course, apologies if you don't have a Poundland near you, I'm sure you'll get it online somewhere. I've done it once since I got it and I was in agony the next day but it totally worked, I could feel when doing it that it was working my muscles.

Before I done my workout DVD I also bought a workout outfit from ASDA , I can't remember the cost however I know it wasn't that dear as I wouldn't have bought it if it was - it's just a sports bra (which if I was going to the gym I'd wear a top over) and I also got running trousers, the lycra material kind. The thing I love about the trousers is that it also has a "music pocket" so you can pop a small ipod or mp3 player of some sort in, ideal.

As well as that I've weighed myself - however, I'm not divulging that information with you all, maybe when I've lost a few stone I'll let you in on that secret haha! It is a lot though and that's all im saying my lips are sealed (for a change)!

Tried drinking more water but with a love for irn-bru I'm finding it hard, any tips?!

Change in Weight (since previous wednesday):

This week I've only lost 2lbs as I've been out for my lunch 4 times catching up with friends (why is it when you want to healthy eat everyone wants to go on mate date's at a restaurant?!) 

it's mad to think this is 1lbs of fat - I'll preferably shift two of these a week.

Ideally I'd love the body of Billie Faiers (of TOWIE fame, UK reality TV show). She's not overly skinny, she has curves in all the right places and genuinely doesn't care if she pops on a bit of weight now and again.

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  1. 2lbs is amazing don't say only! search how big 1lb of fat is on google and you will soon see 2lb is a lot!! and doing that with going out 4 times congrats! essexercise sounds interesting and for a pound ill have to give it a go! I want to loose around 6 stone too for my graduation in June, I'm sure with all this support we will do it! :)

    1. Yeah I just searched for it as I was looking for it to add a picture, totally scary to think that's how much it is, eh?! I know I'm actually shocked I lost anything considering I've been out for lunch. Thank you! Yip definitely get it it's totally worth it and it makes you want to look as good as the towie girls! haha. We will definitely achieve our goal - I had planned losing it for my graduation which was in October but I had no luck in doing so - so hopefully this time round I will!


  2. Great post Nat! I'm so glad there's someone else who wants to lose a lot of weight! I've said 3 stone on my blog but that's only an interim goal as I can't even comprehend having to wait for 6 stone to drop off haha! I agree with Amy, 2lbs is amazing! 2 whole bags of sugar! So excited to see how you get on, everyone will keep eachother in check!

    Jenn Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Thanks lovely! Yeah I totally know what you mean haha. I'm just taking baby steps I don't mind if it takes me till the end of the year to lose the last 2 or 3 - my mum losts 6 stone a few years ago in the space of a year (she put it back on right enough haha) but just goes to show it can be done! Yeah true, considering I've lunched it a few times lol! You as well lovely, I can't wait to get right into the swing of things!


  3. Hi Natalie!
    Much like yourself I need to lose several stone and it can seem like alot, but doing 2lbs a week ( even with going out to nice naughty meals ) is 24lbs in 3 months so saying " I only lost 2lbs this week " thats 2lbs closer to your goal :) Don't belittle it my sweet, its a great acheivement!

    I've popped your link up under my bloggerswlw banner on my site so i can check out your journey each wednesday with ease!

    I am currently hosting a Valentines Box Swap with another blogger! It's going to be alot of fun! (link)

    Lucie xxx Fatbeautyx

    Vote for me in the #UKBA14 // Lime Crime Lipstick Giveaway (link)
    January monthly Advertiser - Samantha

    1. Hey lovely!
      Yeah I suppose when you look at it like that it puts it all into perspective!

      Aw thanks lovely! That's ideal :)

      Oh nice one, I'll check it out :)


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