Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week Two.

Two weeks in and think it's fair to say I'm super pleased with myself - other than the odd can of Irn-Bru and drink of strongbow and blackcurrent I've actually successfully stuck to a way of healthy eating for the past two weeks, who'd have thought eh?!

One thing that definitely helped me was the movitation from the team of support I have behind me in the form of the other WLW participants (as well as my family) - you lot are wee gems! Refer back to my last post for a list of the girls who are on this journey with me and also to find out more about what Weight Loss Wednesday is and my reason behind doing it - WLW week one post.

What I've Done So Far:

Okay since my last post I've slipped away from using my fitness pal app I need to get back into using that, I also saw on Lucie's blog, or twitter (I'm unsure of which) that you can scan foods with that app so that's definitely a bonus I'll start using it again from today! 

Also, I've been drinking a lot more water, I've been having a lot of migraines recently - probably because I'm not used to not having sugar in my body so I've been drinking loads of water to flush out all the toxins so my skins looking a lot brighter - woopwoop!

As well as that if you participated in the #bloggersWLW chat last Thursday at 8pm (every week) you'd know I was absent for the most part as I was at Body Combat with my friend - I'm not going to lie it was brutal! haha. I was in agony for days but I could feel about 10 minutes into the workout it was working my muscles like nothing else. It was all punching and kicking type moves, similar to if you went to a boxing class I'm assuming. It was fast paced but I managed to keep up with the rest - who had clearly been there before, minus my friend. Not sure I'm going this week but I'll definitely go a swim or something to make up for it - I'm low on money this week or I'd be there! On the plus side I should be there for the #bloggersWLW chat starting at 8 if I don't go to Body Combat. Unfortunately from then on I'll probably run late for the chat every week since Body Combat only finishes at quarter past 8 and the gym is about a 10 minute drive from my house.

Still can't get away from Irn-Bru though, does anyone know of any drinks I could replace it with other than water like something I'd still get a taste from? 

I also need exercise advice if anyone fancies passing it on - what I want to know is if I'm losing weight I don't want to lose my boobies just tone them up so they don't sag (soz to be graphic haha) can anyone help me out with this?!

Motivation this week:


Another thing which motivated me this week was my big cousin telling me I looked as if I had lost weight, which means people are starting to notice yay!

Also it's been what 4/5 weeks since Christmas? There is still an a hell of a lot of choccies left over which are in my room - boxed, so it's safe to say I've not touched them - probably the longest chocolate has ever lasted in my house haha!

Change in Weight (since previous Wednesday):

This week I stayed the same in weight, so I'm going to work extra hard this week - will make sure I do more fitness classes like I said in the chat - my plan is to do 3 workout classes and 1 swim so we'll see how it goes.


  1. Hey! I'm also in the middle of trying to lose weight and I'm also using the My Fitness Pal app as well as being on a calorie controlled healthy eating diet and exercising 3 times a week. If you want to have a chat about how it's going for you and support contact me on twitter @RainbowsPolka :) x

    1. You should definitely join the WLW Wednesday group if your trying to lose weight also! It's super motivating speaking to the rest of the girls! Aw thanks lovely, I'll give you a follow just now!


  2. If you’re looking for a drink other than Irn Bru haha, try no sugar juices like Robinsons or flavoured water but check the sugar on it! You don’t want too many sugary drinks but water is the best thing to drink when on a weight loss diet. Have you tried green tea?

    I’m also doing this and here’s my post


    1. Oh yeah good thinking! I'm sure when my Mum buys it in she gets the sugar free ones anyway - I tried green tea for the first time last night, I genuinely felt like I was drinking dirt and grass hahaha!

      Aw I'll check your post out :)


  3. Well done!! I'm going back to my first slimming world weigh in since the week before Christmas (not looking forward to seeing the damage!). I'd love to start WLW with you. I'll check out your first post now! Well done for sticking to your healthy eating plan and going to body combat. The last time I went to body combat with my friend I fainted!! Mortally embarrassed haha... that'll teach me for eating little before a class! x


    1. Aw good luck with it lovely! I've not been to slimming world in ages - I'm considering rejoining though. Definitely check it out - I've linked Jennifer in the first post so if you just pop her a message she'll fill you in. Aw god really?! That's not too good, yip if that doesn't teach you I don't know what will haha! I made sure I ate a fair sized meal before hand, considering I was going to be working it off anyway :) haha - well that's my theory.


  4. Aw Natalie im actually so proud of you! This was a great post.

    Firstly - headaches! I can remember weight watchers telling me in the first 5-7 days to expect a headache, its your bodys way of adjusting to all the crap we used to eat and are now flushing out so drinking the water is the best!

    In regards to the MyFitnessApp, make sure you are following me on it! fatbeautyx :P and we can be buddies on there and spur each other on! :D I find it so easy to scan and its great helping me stick to the calories to ensure I lose each week!

    I've never tasted Iron bru so couldn't really give you an alternative and saying " water " will do nothing to help haha. I drink alot of diet pepsi as thats only 8calories as opposed to my sprite today that was 140! ( sod wasting calories :P )

    If you don't go to your workout I'll see you in the chat at 8! ( I wont get home till 8.30pm so ill be late too but will schedule tweets so it might look like im there haha )

    I am currently hosting a Valentines Box Swap with another blogger! It's going to be alot of fun! (link)

    Lucie xxx Fatbeautyx

    Vote for me in the #UKBA14 // LIMECRIME LIPSTICK GIVEAWAY (link)

    January monthly Advertiser - Samantha

    1. Thank you lovely!

      I know, having to put up with them is a total nightmare!

      Yeah when I saw you had said that you can scan I was running around my kitchen scanning everything in sight haha! I've hardly got a clue how to work it but I'll definitely add you once I figure out how haha!

      Oh really?! Whatever you do, don't!! lol you'll be a total irn-bru addict :) pmsl! Aw good shout with the diet pepsi I'll try that - or even see how much diet coke is calories wise.

      Turns out I'm going to one - but in a different gym this week so it starts at half 8 so I'll just miss you :( I'll not get in till after half 9 cause it's a different class and this time it's an hour long - waaaah! I'll have a nosey at all the posts when I get in though :)


      p.s I'd love to do your box swap but I'm total skint! Count me in for the next one you do though misses xx


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