Friday, 24 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week Three.

(or Friday in this case). Apologies for the late post ladies, I've been super busy. But anyway this weeks post will be a mixture of two things - "my weight diary" and also "weight loss in the media" - wee bit of a change in direction from what my WLW posts usually consist of.

My Weight Diary: 

                                                              2006 - 2006 - 2009
   at a first holy communion - Christmas party - at the caravan

                                          2010 - 2012 - 2013
                             house party - night out - college prom

As you can see my weight has varied since 2006 - I've been a mixture of the perfect weight and overweight, but even though I have been what the average person would call skinny I've always saw myself as the "fat" friend, as a young teenager I'd constantly compare myself to my friends - and in my eyes they were all the ideal weight and all the boys fancied them! Of course I'd always get the odd name thrown my direction as well, which looking back I'd say I was bullied (not looking for sympathy for this) but at the time it was the norm, not nice, but I was used to it. However, me being me the way I dealt with it was by comfort eating - being totally oblivious to the fact I was gaining more weight, good one Natalie. Realising I was at a not so healthy weight I started cutting out all fizzy drinks and drank water constantly and although I didn't notice at the time it changed my weight dramatically, if you compare the pictures from 2009 till 2010 you'll see what I mean. I then turned 18 and started partying constantly at house parties drinking alcohol (18 being the legal age in the UK) and of course curing my hangover with lots of takeaways and yip you guessed it fizzy juice, before not long I had put the weight I had unknowingly lost back on and that's when I realised it, I could no longer fit in size UK12-14 clothes and I wasn't liking it, I would cry every time I went shopping in the dressing rooms to my mum (I'm such an embarrassment I know haha!) and make myself feel rubbish, leading to comfort eating - it's a vicious circle haha! So that leads me to where I am today wanting to lose weight and better my health to get back to being the "skinny" friend that I didn't know that I was and enjoying life a bit more. 

Looking back at all the pictures I'd most definitely say the 2010 picture is my ideal weight and I want to work hard to achieve that. 

Weight Loss in the Media:

me and lauren goodger in 2013

I'll keep this section short, I promise lmao! The media are forever slating celebrities for their weight and we wonder why the numbers of anorexia and bulimia sufferers are rising? Take Lauren Goodger (pictured alongside myself) for example, Lauren of TOWIE (reality UK Tv Show) fame - when she first started out on TOWIE she was super confident and a girl many of us envied, myself included, fast forward a few years she puts on a stone or two and she gets hate from the media every two seconds making her shy away and lose her super confidence, and yet she's what? still only about a UK size 14 at most, all I can say is no wonder young girls starve themselves etc because the media are showing a healthy size 14 to be fat, it's disgusting, especially considering size 16 is supposed to be the average size in the UK - not at this rate it won't be. I just think good job I'm not in the public eye because if the beyond beautiful Lauren Goodger is fat what the heck would that make me?!

Quick update to top this lengthy post off:

I've just pretty much done the same as before, but this week I swapped Irn-Bru for Diet Coke and went to Body Attack instead of Combat - again it was brutal and I was in agony for days after! haha.

Change in Weight (since previous Wednesday):
2lb, so 4lb all in so far!


  1. keep up the good work hunny my weight fluctuates a lot too

    Carreanne xx


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