Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Week Four.

This week hasn't been the best - I'm not going to lie - it's my "time of the month" yeno. So I have slipped off the tracks a bit so I'm taking this post back to basics and uploading a few motivational pictures to get me back on track for next week. Having said that I went to boxing last Thursday which was fab, the only thing is, there was a super hot guy taking the class so I didn't put my "all" into the class which I would have done if the guy wasn't as nice looking, I could kick myself now! Thursday is my usual nights for a class so that's why I'm usually not on in time for the #bloggersWLW chats on twitter which is quite annoying but heyho it's for a good reason I suppose.

I need to keep this in mind - there's a few things I've ate this week that I've instantly regretted.

Preach it haha - let's get sweaty!

Love this - it's okay not to train solid constantly, take a break if you need it!

I'm putting this to plan - it hasn't worked to stick to it religiously
so allowing myself a wee cheat day is plan b.

Lastly for my inspirational pictures is this gorgeous dress, because ideally
I want a similar dress for my 21st (if anyone see's one can you let me know btw,
this one is $7,000 so like £4,000 which I can't afford haha)

Change in Weight (since previous Wednesday)
1lb so 5lbs all in, not sure if this will be correct though due to my "time of the month".


  1. That first quote is a really good one. I've not heard it before. But it's so true. Maybe you can tell yourself to wait 24 hours and if you still want that chocolate/dominos/pie/macdonalds in 24 hours time you can have it. But most likely, come the next day you'll be glad you didn't have it the previous day.

    Oh and I wouldn't weigh myself during that special "time of the month". That special week is rubbish enough without getting on the scales too!! Although hopefully come next week you'll have lost even more to make up for it.

    Victoria, x

    1. Yeah it's a good one, and yeah hopefully - knowing me I'd still want it but it's just trying to stay positive and not want it! I end up regretting it instantly, and yeah I'm probably best not weighing myself then, it sucks! haha - fingers crossed!


  2. Love the images you've put in! & I totally feel for you doing a class with a gorgeous instructor... nobodyyyy wants that!! Stress haha. My slimming world lady said tonight that people can put on as much as 4lb during that time of the month... so I wouldn't worry too much :). x


    1. Thank love, and haha yeah definitely not - I was mortified!! And ohh that's good to know, thanks!



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