Sunday, 12 January 2014

Top 10 Youtubers (Beauty Related).

Tanya Burr

Tanya's channel has a little bit of everything on it. However it is more beauty based - I came across her channel when looking for a prom makeup, similar to a Millie MacIntosh (Manderson) inspired look and tada I came across a video of Tanya doing Millie's makeup. I think Tanya is one of the best youtube makeup guru's to watch if you're just starting out as her tutorials are easy to follow and she caters for those who can't always afford high end products as well as those who can. She also has her own lipstick and nail polish range coming out at the end of the month so look out for it. (I also watch Tanya's vlogging channel which I highly recommend if your nosey like myself haha).


After watching Tanya and her friends youtube channels I came across, Tanya's fiance Jim - which then led me to finding his sisters channel Pixiwoo - liked I said they are sisters Sam and Nic Chapman - Sam of whom is the creater of the "Real Techniques" makeup brushes which are loved by all. Again, I feel their tutorials are easy to follow and the majority of the looks they create, which are usually celebrity inspired, can be created with drugstore makeup.

Nikkie Tutorials

I literally just came across Nikkie's channel today but I adore her work so I had to include her. My favourite thing about her channel is she does a lot of tutorials showing how to recreate looks from music videos which is where I myself like to pinch looks from so having a look on Nikkie's channel I was in my element.

Michelle Phan

If anything Michelle is the most relaxing person to listen to that I've came across on youtube it's like she puts you into a trance to watch her videos - maybe that's why I like them so much?! haha - with Michelle's videos she seems to have a story to capture you and somehow it just works. She has also recently brought out her own makeup range which I advise you check out.


Shan's makeup is honestly flawless which is one of the main reasons I watch her - she always does loads of "Get Ready With Me" videos giving great tips to help your makeup last throughout the day. One other thing I really enjoy about Shan's channel as well is she does a lot of tags which I really enjoy watching.

Fleur De Force

If there's one good reason why you should watch Fleur's channel it's to watch the videos about her wedding - OMG fairytale - other than that she comes across as a lovely person and has a lot of variety on her channel - a lover of haul videos and great with her product descriptions.

Queen of Blending

Lauren from Queen of Blending is crazy in terms of makeup so I wouldn't necessarily recommend her looks for every day wear but for a dramatic eye I totally suggest you pop over to Lauren's youtube page. Glitter galore - also whilst your over there check out her talons, they're epic!

Kandee Johnston

Again, like Nikkie, Kandee is fabulous at celebrity recreations - ideal channel for Halloween looks as well, creating looks such as Edward Scissor Hands, Queen of Hearts and Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball look. Another thing you will notice about Kandee she has beyond amazing white teeth so her teeth whitening video is one to check out.

Lauren Curtis

By checking Lauren's channel out you wouldn't be surprised to know she is friends with Shan - and her channel is where I actually came across Shan's. I don't know if it's just me but they look really similar but anyway... Lauren's neutral tutorials are definitely my favourite - she pulls of a neutral smokey eye to a t. If I'm ever stuck for a simple yet flawless look Lauren's channel is actually the one I would come to first - true story.


"Eye" love Chrisspy's channel, emphasises on the "Eye" instead of I. My favourite thing about Chrisspy's channel is the way she concentrates on her eye makeup - they are detailed to perfection and I've actually attempted to create one of her looks in my NYE Makeup post which you can find here. I'm going to actually use this particular look for my 21st as I love it so much. Check Chrisspy's channel out for a going out eye makeup and you're sorted.


  1. Amazing post I have watched Tanya burrs videos and Fleurs and love them <3 however the rest I need to check out so thanks for sharing this :) x

    1. Yeah definitely check them out lovely! Aw, you're very welcome.


  2. Great post Natalie. We didn't know Tanya Burr was bring out her own lipstick & nail range; thanks for sharing :-)

    Hope 2014 is treating you well.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thank you :)! Aw did you not? Yeah the 30th I'm sure she's bringing it out - watch out for a link no doubt on twitter. You're welcome lovely!

      Thanks, same to you both :)


  3. all of my favourites too! love this xx

    1. They are fab I can't blame you!! xx


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