Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Guest Posting on my Blog.

Okay so I posted about this not that long ago but I just want to repost it as a few people got in touch then I heard nothing back - I'm offering spaces on my blog for Guest Blogging if anyone is interested, it can be about any subject you like as long as I approve of it, if it's rude or I feel it could be offensive to anyone I'll dismiss it. 

If you fancy doing so - absolutely free of charge - if you can get in contact with me via email; nataliesworld@live.co.uk I'll be happy to get the ball rolling , the posts will go up weekly and it will be a first come first served kinda basis.


  1. I'd be interested! :) Not entirely sure how guest blogging works though? x

    1. All you need to do misses, is write a post (about anything you like) and send me it and I'll pop it up on my blog, simple as that!



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