Monday, 2 December 2013

The Hair Diaries - BEWARE of major posing!


Top Left: I was about 13 in this picture , which was taken in school hence the school tie and it was the first time I'd ever done anything "drastic" to my hair, my hair had always been long (naturally curly) and brown and scraped back off my face as hair down and around my face annoyed the life out of me. I thought I was super cool and opted for super blonde highlights in my hair making it look a dirty brown colour. I tend to usually have my hair really long but sometimes I get the urge to chop it all off, which appears to be the case it this picture. Oh and a quiff was my signature look (a la snooki from jersey shore haha).

Top Right: Okay moving on to my ned (aka chav to other countries) look, total pout alert!!! Anyway usual look with a twist, hair scraped back with a long sweepy fringe (bangs), this was the in look at the time okay?!

Second Row Left: I must've been about 17 in this picture and had just dyed my hair purple for the first time using Schwarzkopf hair dye in Cyber Purple - it went a redish colour which is not what I was hoping for but I still kept it for a while (and later went back to it). Still clearly rocking the long side fringe (bangs).

Second Row Right: The majority of the purple (red) had grew out and I'd got my side fringe (bangs) cut shorter, and my hair was getting longer - yay!

Third Row Left: This was on the night of my 18th birthday hence the outfit and this is the longest my hair has ever been - and my fringe (bangs) had grown out by this point, my hairs naturally curly but when it's as long it just goes wavy, so I tend to just stick with this look but boost the natural waviness by shoving in some plaits before I go to bed then blast it with hair spray when I take them out. People are forever asking if my hair is my real hair haha!

Third Row Right: Same outfit (omg outfit repeater hahaha) I was going to a  friend of a friends 18th birthday party not long after I had turned 18, but the policy was if you were under 18 you had to leave at 9 and my friend hadn't yet turned 18 so we had to leave like 15 minutes after we arrived, so we ended up at a friends house seriously over dressed! haha. This was my hair at it's longest but straight instead of wavy this time. As you can see I've also opted for a large quiff in this picture as on this particular night I had no idea what to do with my hair and it was a warm night so I had to have it away from my face.

Fourth Row Left: I was at a "Girls Day Out" event with my Mum, cousins and aunties and was applying for every competition available so I had applied for a hair cut competition, which I ended up winning so I drastically got my hair chopped and a new side fringe (bangs) chopped in - not to fear though cause my hair grows like a wild fire so I wasn't scared if I didn't like it. This picture was taken in October of 2011.

Fourth Row Right: This picture was taken in June of this year at my college prom. Obviously I've had pictures taken since the previous one and this one but I just wanted to show how much my hair has grown since 2011, it's nearly back at it's longest. I love my hair the most when it's curl but this day was full of drama. I went to a hair dressers a few hours before my prom and when I got home all my curls had fallen out my big cousin had to come to my house and she created this master piece for me - I still can't thank her enough!! (Thanks Leanne!).

And last but certainly not least...

Below Left & Right: This was me on Friday at work (on the left) I work in a beauty salon which also has a hair dressing section in it and I adore the girls I work with, that much so I let Sarah whom I work with (who's from Liverpool , I could listen to her speak all day!!) give me a full fringe (bangs) which I'd been considering getting cut in for a while, for someone who doesn't like anything down and around her face it's a total change but I've received nothing but compliments about it. It's strange though as my eyebrows where my favourite part of my face and obviously the focal point of my face so it's strange not seeing them every day haha! As I only got it cut in the other day I'm still getting used to it but I love it. Not totally decided whether to keep it for my 21st in April though but I have a while to decide yet. One thing I'm sure of though is I'm grateful for having met Sarah as without her reassurance I don't  think I'd have made that plunge to get it done. So thanks again Sarah.

What do you all think of it? Do I Suit it? The girls from work now want me to go chocolate brown with a copper colour ombre , should I go for it, or one step at a time?


  1. I looove seeing hair history posts!
    I always love going through different looks (I've been purple, blonde etc. )

    I don't think you should go copper ombre. I like it how it is .xxx

    1. Hair isn't something I usually bother about but it was a nice change to do a hair post, have you done a hair history post yet?

      And aw thank you :) xxx

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous now! I used to have some hilarious dos. I was bleach blonde for a few years when I'm naturally really dark - roots galore haha! Oh the things we do to look cool ey ;) xx

    1. Aw thanks lovely! Yeah I wanted to go bleach blonde too but I never had the guts haha. Oh I can imagine the roots pmsl! And haha I know, definitely don't feel "cool" looking back pmsl xx

  3. I love your hair like that!
    Looks gorgeous on you <3
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

  4. I think you should do it :) Go for ombre before it goes out of trend i reckon.
    I just followed you! Follow back?

    1. Ahhh I don't know lol! I'm so indecisive haha!
      Thanks, yeah I'll give you a follow!

      Natalie xx

  5. The fringe suits you so so well, honestly it totally transforms the shape of your face, love the hair!!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. Thanks lovely! I'm still trying to get used to it haha!

      I will do :)

      Natalie xx


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