Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2013 in Pictures!

These pictures are in no order at all , if anything the fringe one should be last but heyho! You'll know which paragraph relates to which picture when you read it, as it will be kind of self explanatory.

I attended my college prom woopwoop! This occurred in June after a lot of preparation (I'm the one in the aqua dress). I genuinely love this photo as it's a picture of me and the girls who where at the college from day one, so we where literally the only remaining one's who had been there from the very first day. After having left school in 4th year and not staying on for my school prom I'm grateful to have had one at college - especially since it was "Vegas" themed, oh I also won an award for "Most Likely to Cry at Prom" - and I didn't disappoint, emotional wreck haha!

This one is quite random, but I have a severe LOVE for Boyzone so when I met Shane Lynch at his aftershave signing about 3 weeks ago I was overly excited, so much so that I asked him if I could take a "selfie" with him - it was the word of 2013 after all.

This next picture covers the topic of my best friend, I genuinely don't know where I'd be without this wee gem, got so much closer the past couple of years (even though we already were close to begin with) and I honestly tell her a lot of things, maybe a bit too much at times but I know it wouldn't go further - as cheesey as it sounds I know I could count on her with anything, dreaded leaving college cause I was scared in case we lost touch but if anything I see her more now - whether she likes it or not haha! Got plenty of exciting things occurring in 2014 which I can't wait for already! 

Like I said at the start this picture should be last but who's caring?! haha. I went mental a few weeks back and got a full fringe cut in, which is rather stupid for someone who a- doesn't like change and b- hate's having hair down and around her face but I'm so pleased I took the plunge, I absolutely love it and it's made me realise change can be good.

This one is also slightly random, it's a picture I took at the JLS concert, hence the JLS coloured lights, and for anyone who knows me personally - which lets be honest none of you reading this probably do yet, I'm a slight bit obsessed with the JLS boys, so as you can imagine on the 24th of April this year (2 days before my 20th birthday) I was devastated when they announced their split. Luckily my best friend had already bought me tickets for their December tour which was now their "Goodbye" tour - so on the 7th of December this year I went and saw my boys in the Glasgow Hydro, for the 10TH and final time - bitter sweet moment, they didn't disappoint.

My amazing family - of course we have our arguments and what not but I love them so much, a highlight of 2013 was definitely the amount of time I spent with them - even if they are a bunch of nutters!

AHHHH I graduated, I genuinely can't believe I said that, little me graduating?! Crazy world, I now happily have an HND in Beauty Therapy.

These 4 little people are my entire world - my beautiful little cousins - watching them grow up is scary, I love them all millions and can't wait till I have an extra one to share my big cuddles and kisses with come the end of February, being a big cousin makes me the happiest person on earth and hearing them say "Natalie? I love you" makes my heart melt every time, and I'm not saying this just because they're family, they all are the smartest wee people you would ever come across, it honestly amazes me! I love you all!

"I Race for Life for my Granda" - I ran the Race for Life this year with one of my best friends and her friend, we completed it in under an hour which was great, obviously it was a day of mixed emotions - I ran for life in memory of my Granda who passed away from Cancer a few years ago, as well as for everyone else who has been beaten by the horrible disease or still fighting it, also as well as that I ran and completed the race as a big F*CK YOU to cancer for all they people who have beaten it like my gorgeous Mum! 

Lastly - but certainly not least, I found out this year come January the 17th and 23rd two of my bestest friends in the entire world are expected to have babies! EEEEEK, lots of kisses and cuddles coming both the babies way's - Auntie Natalie is going to be spoiling you both like mad, and I have the pleasure of buying for both a girl and a boy as both my friends found out the sex of their babies! 

- Of course there were other fun and exciting things that happened in my life throughout 2013 but these were by far the best. Roll on 2014 and the memories it will bring!

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