Friday, 1 November 2013

Top 10 Halloween Films.

Okay so if anyone read my blog post yesterday you will know I'm now a part of the British Blogger Selection so this week the theme for the posts are Halloween so I thought I'd share my top 10 films to watch around the Halloween season; this will be a varied post so something for everyone - whether it be for the whole family, solely children or adults - the best time to watch these of course is the night of Halloween - that way you have all of your sweeties (candy) to each throughout the film.

1- Hocus Pocus
The ultimate Halloween film, if you've not saw this this you've not lived! haha. A great family movie for Halloween which will make you feel a mix of emotions whilst watching it. Be prepared to be creeped out whilst the song "Come Little Children" is being sang across the town.

2- Halloween Town

I loved this film when I was younger, not saw it in a few years but I'm definitely going to order the dvd from ebay as it's a classic. It's also a disney movie so you can get much better than that. For being a children's film it has a great story line too, but you'll have to watch to find out what it is.

3- The Witches

Again, a great one for all the family maybe not tiny children as the masks in this film are quite creepy (I'm 20 and I still get creeped out) but like Hocus Pocus, if you haven't seen The Witches you're totally missing out!

4- Halloween
Okay this ones for the older generation, I think Halloween is maybe a 15? And the name of it kind of tells you what time of year is best to watch it. It's horror based so you're typical psycho thriller masks and what not, you kind of know what's coming with this one but it's worth the watch.

5- Scream

An old classic, I'd never tire from watch Scream in fact I think it just lingers below Hocus Pocus as my favourite Halloween film it's not overly scary - I actually watched this before I was allowed and when I was in primary 4 I told my teacher at school Scream was my favourite film, so it really can't be that bad (the school must have thought I had some dodgy parents for letting me watch it so young haha!) Like the rest I've mentioned so far it has a great story line to it and there's several sequel's to it - and lets be honest, you really can't beat a sequel.

6- Freddie Kreuger: A Nightmare on Elm Street

This film actually scares me and the theme tune actually terrifies me but all in all I love it, I wouldn't actually say it's for the faint hearted as it's quite jumpy - and if you want you can opt for watching the older version or the recently released version, both are just as good as each other.

7- Sleepy Hollow

It's a Tim Burton film, enough said. All his films are amazing and when it contains Johnny Depp even better! I've actually not saw this film in absolutely years, like mega amount of years but I still love it and writing about it is making me want to watch it asap! haha.

8- Casper
Back to a kids film, you can't beat Casper when you're a kid - my favourite Casper movie is actually When Casper Meets Wendy and it reminds me so much of when I was younger, so this is perfect for Halloween if you have a young child in you're family.

9- Monsters Inc.
Totally not you're average Halloween film I'm aware of that but it contains monsters who work in a scream factory scaring kids so, like Caspar if you have any little ones in you're family this is an ideal watch for them.

10- Beetle Juice
This is fun packed film about Ghosts trying to get humans to move themselves out of the house that they have taken up residency in - not one that you'll be scared of I'm sure, if anything your sides will be sore from laughing!

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