Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tag: I'm A Beauty Blogger... Get Me Out of Here! (week 2)

Okay so on to week 2 - woohoo I survived week 1 haha. Refer to my last post for week 1 , and remember you're tagged!

1) Firstly congratulations! You won last week’s bush tucker trial and your reward is a makeover from a professional make-up artist. What look would you choose and why?

Yay! haha, I'd probably chose a retro 50s look as for some strange reason I think it would go great with the jungle outfit I would have to wear.

 2) It’s time to wash – ok so it’s not in a luxury shower or a bath but you do get a choice of one soap/shower gel to use. What would you choose and why? 

I'd use Lush's Snow Fairy cause it would make me feel super girly considering I'd be in the jungle and it would be a lovely smell considering I'd have no deoderant or perfume I'm assuming!

3) Today is the arrival of a new camp mate, yay! You get to decide, it can be anyone this time. Who will you choose and why? 

I'd say my mum but I doubt she'd appreciate me taking her into the jungle so I'd say my big brother cause then I'd have someone from home with me!

4) It can get a little boring in the jungle and you’re feeling sluggish. What one fitness exercise would you do? 

Probably sit ups and squats working those abs and ass!

5) How would you create your own jungle fashion style? 

I'd tie that jacket thing so it was like a crop jacket, I'd rip the bottoms off my trousers to make shorts and then use the material from my trousers to create a bandana - ohhh yeah that's how stylish I am!

6) What is your favourite Australian product and why? 

I love the Aussie shampoo and conditioner for long hair, it also smells amazing!!

7) Good news, the camp has won the treasure chest hunt! In need of something sweet, each camp mate wins their own cupcake. What would yours be? 

I'd probably go with a simple vanilla icing cupcake - simple but sweet.

8) Challenge – bush tucker trial number 2, ‘the jungle hair & beauty salon’. You’re sitting under a vintage hair dryer and instead of hot air being blasted out you are greeted by 10,000 creepy crawlies. Which creepy crawlies would you detest the most and which ones wouldn’t you mind? 

I'd hateeeeeee spiders or cockroaches, I wouldn't mind maggots.

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  1. Woohoo you survived week 1 :-) Ooh answer 1 so original, good one. Love answer 3 & 5 too.

    Thanks for taking part in week 2.

    x Roch & Tash x


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