Monday, 18 November 2013

My Week in Pictures.

Professor Green - I came across this picture I'd drawn of him a while ago, I really do have an obsession with him. Apologies for the not so amazing drawing though I promise your eyes will stop bleeding soon haha.

Quote - I love funny quotes and this one made me laugh hysterically! It's such a "me" quote, as in something I'd say to a friend or something.

Quote 2 - This one is about friends if you can't read it, it simply says "If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years psychologists say it will last a life time" - my friends mean the world to me. 

Me - had just had my hair done and came home and done my makeup, just a basic cat eye with a red lip - mua of course! And even though it looks edited I can assure you it's not, I am really that gorgeous! haha just kidding, the lighting in my room was working some magic.

Drama - I swear I couldn't care any less.

Vampire Diaries - I've recently been watching "Pretty Little Liars" on a great app called Show Box, I managed to catch up within the space of a week and a bit so I was lost when I didn't have it to watch anymore (roll on January when it's back), anyway one of my friends told me to start watching Vampire Diaries and now I'm addicted, why did I not watch this sooner?!?!

McBusted - my best friend Mark phoned me up the other day to let me know that me, him and our other friend Lisa are going on a road trip down to Manchester next year to see McBusted, will definitely be reliving my childhood, already looked out my CDs haha! 

Quote 3 - Wizard of Oz isn't particularly one of my fave films tbh but the quote was a good 'un and how can you resist glittery red ballet pumps? Cute!

Alexander - The other day I got a dm from a band called Alexander on twitter, usually I don't reply to dm's like that cause a lot of people send them but I checked out their twitter and they seemed really cool so I was dm'ing back and fourth with one of the members (I have no idea which, it may even have been someone who promotes for them, who knows?!) and was getting info on their tour, their tickets are £10 as they are just starting our so I'm definitely going to go and check them out when they're in Glasgow! I also recieved another dm today saying their new single is now on itunes for 59p called Find A Way Out, which is amazing! I've had my iphone since January and this is the first song I've bought on it, also the proceeds go to Beat Bullying charity so you're doing a great deed - and lastly - a very important piece of info to some - all 4 of the boys are easy on the eye ;) haha.


  1. Great quotes and photos! I really love the Vampire Diaries :)

    Love Bodil,

    1. Thank you! Me also, I'm soooo getting addicted to it haha!

      Natalie xx


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