Friday, 1 November 2013

My New "FREE" Blog Design.

Hey there! If you're a regular reader of my blog posts you'll notice I've had a revamp - and I'm absolutely thrilled with it, how much did it cost I hear you cry?! Not a penny! It was absolutely free of charge and was created by the lovely Ellie over at Little Vintage Camera who has kept me up to date step by step with what she's being doing for me making sure that I liked the final product, I felt so sorry for her too as I was probably bugging her with my stupid questions every 2 seconds - me and blog designing do not go together one bit so I'm totally thankful for Ellie's help.

If a free blog design is something you'd be interested in head over to Ellie's blog, click on the Free Blog Designs link and read the Terms & Conditions stated on her page, even check out her testimonials whilst you're there!

Anyway I hope to be seeing you all with sparkly new blog designs! And again thanks so much to Ellie, I really do appreciate it!

Natalie xx

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