Monday, 25 November 2013

Leibster Award - Number 2.

I've been nominated for the Leibster Award for the second time by the lovely KatieLou from Spots and Stripes , you should check out her blog! Anyway the point of this award is to get blogs with under 200 followers known (I'm going by bloglovin' followers), and the rules of the award are;

-you must thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog in your post
-you must answer the 11 questions they gave you
-you must give 11 questions
-give 11 random facts abour yourself
-you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers that you feel deserve it.

so here goes nothing...

KatieLou's questions for me;

1) your favourite item of clothing
Probably my jeans cause it's something I wear pretty much every day.

2) what is your favourite season? Why?

Summer because I hate being cold and I love sunbathing too! (oh, and I have a love of ice lollies, yummmm!)

3) how long have you been blogging for?

Since June so 6 months - it's really quite scary to think that's been half a year already, eeek!

4) what made you start (blogging)?

Well I was originally watching youtube videos and I realised a few of the beauty gurus I'd been watching had blogs so after reading their blogs I thought I'd give it a go myself.

5) what is your favourite hobby/pastime?

Reading - sounds soooo geeky, but honestly I do quite enjoy it, whether it be a book, magazine or blog.

6) if you had £100 where and what would you spend it on?

The majority of it would go on concert tickets the rest would go on makeup.

8) what could you not live without?

Obvious answer, my family and friends.

9) your favourite makeup brand?

High street (drug store) rimmel and high end illamasqua or m.a.c obvs.

10) your favorite thing in your room?

My bed haha.

11) a blogger who inspires you?

I have two actually both for different reason; 
my first being Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter because I love the way her personality shines through her writing, having watched her youtube channel before hand I knew I'd love her blog. 
my second one is Lily who has two blogs, one being ETCLLYMLRS and the other being just LLYMLRS I love the style she writes her blogs in, like I don't know how to describe this well but what I mean is that she has so much content in her blogs but it's easy enough to understand when reading, and I actually found her blog before I found her youtube channel!

My 11 Questions for You;

1) What's your all time favourite perfume?
2) If you could have any actress dead or alive play you in a film of your life who would you pick?
3) What's your 3 top must have beauty products?
4) If you could give one tip whether it be about beauty, hair, fashion or life what would it be?
5) If there was a book pre-written about your life would you skip ahead and read the last chapter?
6) If you where cast in a horror movie which part do you think you'd play? such as the survivour, the one that gets killed first, the silly one who's always tripping up, the one with the get away plan etc?
7) When applying a full face of makeup do you start with the eyes or the face?
8) Which super power would you most like to have?
9) What tv show do you wish you could star in?
10) What do you like most about blogging?
11) Do you watch youtube videos? If so who's you're top 3 favourite youtubers?

My 11 Random Facts;
1) I'm a fussy eater, like super fussy - my family hate going out for a meal with me cause we can only go to certain places where I'll eat the food they serve.
2) I'm sooooo easily distracted.
3) I love sleeping.
4) I have a new job as a beauty therapist.
5) My favourite authour is Lindsey Kelk and the only book of hers I've still to read is I Heart Christmas (which I have bought already).
6) I booked my 21st party on January of this year and my birthday isn't till April of 2014.
7) I'm addicted to IrnBru.
8) I have 3 all time favourite Yankee Candles which are Vanilla Cupcake, Vanilla Satin and Pink Sands.
9) I love psychics and all things spiritual!!
10) I'm a concert fanatic any time I have money I'll buy concert tickets!
11) My name means born on Christmas day... I wasn't.

Who I Tag;
Jaime Lee
Emma Kate

Okay I know I've only done 9 but I've just got guests to my house so I must dash lovelies!

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