Thursday, 14 November 2013

Friendly Friday's.

Okay so at the start of October I featured on Sociable Sunday's over on Jenna from Northern Beauty 85's blog. At the time of featuring I wrote a post on my blog about it and how I thought it was a great idea to get other blogs known and said that I'd quite like to start my own feature like this so here I am creating "Friendly Friday's" (hahaha sh*t name but I literally couldn't think of anything better). So anyway I plan on starting this feature next Friday which will be the 22nd, I am going out this night however so I'm not promising anything, it may be the following week - firstly I need my first person to agree to feature. So here's what I'm asking of you..

Send me via ;

Your name.

A picture of you or something that relates to you blog.
A small paragraph about you, preferably more than 3 lines.
Your blog URL. (and youtube link if you have one).

You will also need to do a small feature on you're blog about featuring on my Friendly Friday's, I will do 3 people on one feature so if you happen to be mail number 4 I'll make sure you're top of the list for the following week.

And that is literally all I'm asking of you. I'm getting no benefit out of this what so ever I just thought, like Jenna, it's a great way to get other bloggers to meet and I hope you appreciate it as a weekly feature on my blog.

Let me know you're opinions on this and don't forget to mail me if you wan't to be the first to feature next week.


  1. ive nominated you for the liebster award and have just put the post up on my blog
    love your blog!
    katie xx

    1. thanks lovely! i'll do it tomorrow at some point!



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