Thursday, 21 November 2013

Friendly Friday's Update.

Hey lovelies!

Apologies!! I know I made you all aware of this on the post about Friendly Friday's but there will be a zero percent chance of the first post being up tomorrow it will have to start next week. I can't apologize enough for this, the reasons for not having it done for tomorrow or getting it done tomorrow are: my dad's in hospital just now so running back and fourth to there has been such an effort, also as I said on my first post I have a night out tomorrow night and lastly I start a NEW job in a salon tomorrow and I'll be working till 6 so I'm going to be a busy bee!

Again, apologies to the girls who were supposed to be up this week I can assure you the post will be up next friday, I'll actually get it done on my day off and schedule it for next week in fact!! And anyone who was supposed to be next week will be the following week - sorry for any inconvience m'dears!

Natalie xx

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