Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lush Haul.

So after taking my unexpected break in July my second post after coming back in the August was Lush review, which you can find here - so I thought a second one was loooong over due. I'm honestly addicted to Lush - I spend about 2 hours looking about every time I'm in the store and can't leave without buying at least one thing! So it was all fun and games when I went in to Lush on Sunday and realised the Christmas (can't believe I've just said the "c" word, that scares me) products were in so I was in for absolutely ages not having a clue what I wanted to buy (minus the Snow Fairy, I knew I wanted needed that!) I had originally planned on buying the Halloween products but I had a sniff and none really appealed to me I'm saddened to say. But after what felt like a full 24 hours, here's what I left with... (a whole 4 products pmsl). - All limited edition Christmas range, however upon looking on the lush site, they're apparently keeping Let the Good Times Roll as an all year round product, although I wasn't told this in the store, I was told to stock up due to it being limited edition, so I'm unsure what's the correct information here? (If anyone can help me please do).

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar.

I tried this for tonight for the first time - one word .. "Bubbly" literally does as it says which is what you're wanting at the end of the day ain't it? If you've read my previous Lush post (linked above) then you'll know I love the smell of vanilla - like candy, bubblegum smells (hence my love for the creamy candy bubble bar) so if like me you're a lover of those types of smell I'd recommend this bar to you! It's also nice girly colours and you get quite a lot of product for you're money, that being said the price of this is £2.65.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb.

This bath bomb is filled with bergamot oil so it is nice and relaxing yet stimulating with it's smell - it smells like "Honey I Washed the Kids soap" and it's to die for! The bath bomb itself took a while to dissolve (I had to help it along by crumbling it) but once it had fully dissolved my bath looked so magical. It was a lovely purple/blue colour like a gorgeous night sky and it also had a small shimmer to it resembling a glistening night sky - and to top it all off it had small confetti stars (not too many that it's messy but just enough) £3.25 for super soft skin? I think that's a bargain do you not?     

Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser.

When I was in Lush on Sunday I thought I'd have a nosey about their skin care products as it's something I've always looked at online but never in store - too many skin care products at the one time overwhelm me and I don't know what to look at first so the other day I decided to ask for help, I explained that I had quite dry skin and that I was looking for something to reduce the dryness, the girl who was dealing with me said she didn't think my skin looked that dry which was probably due to the fact I was sweating (ew, not so pleasant haha) but she got the products together which would help me combat the dryness, unfortunately for me though though the shop was severely busy and she was on the tills so she had to leave me I then got a guy to finish my consultation type thing for me, once he was finished he gave me a minute to have a think of what I was going to purchase. I decided to then buy this as I hadn't planned on buying any skin care products I just wanted information on them - but I thought this was a good one to start out with, I think what attracted me to this is the fact it smelt like popcorn (it contains corn oil) and also that it contains a small exfoliant to help with the dryness on top of being a cleanser. I bought the small 100g tub at £6.35 but I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this several times over. As far as I'm aware they're planning to keep this as an all year round product as it sells so well.   

Snow Fairy Shower Gel.

I think this is the most raved about Lush product EVER. I hadn't actually bought it before this year (yes, my first ever bottle) but I only really got into Lush products this year so I missed all the hype last year. As expected I'm in love with this, it's a "me" kind of scent, as in one that I fell in love with the second I had a smell of it. It's super girly and fruity and the scent does linger which I look for in products usually. It also has a small shimmer through it, but it's super subtle so you don't looking like a walking, talking disco ball. I now know why this is Lush's best selling Christmas product. So for those interested in this I should make you aware this product has 3 different sizes therefore 3 different prices. I bought the 500g bottle at £10.95.

There are also several products from the Christmas range I'm looking to purchase but that was all for the one day. You can find all products mentioned in this blog here


  1. great haul everything looks great :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE Lush's Christmas selection! I think Cinders and Golden Wonder bathbombs are my favourite, I'm trying to put off going in there till nearer Christmas haha

    Lauren xx

    1. Yeah me too! I'm now officially addicted, I've not tried those two yet but I can assure you I won't be long in doing so haha! Oh I don't think I could do that lol!

      Natalie xx

  3. I'm super curious about the "let the good times roll" is it valid in your opinion?


    1. Yeah I think it's quite good but I'd say it's more of an exfoliant than a cleanser, I'd say ask again in a few weeks when I've had a good shot at using it and I'll let you know how I feel about it then cause till now I've only used it a handful of times :) xx


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