Thursday, 31 October 2013


Okay so if any of you all read my last post about the "Halloweek Update" you'll know why I'm only posting today, if not then shame on you!! Get back and read it haha, anyway here's a few looks that I managed to get done (I added in an extra look today). I'll just leave what I used below the picture and I'll leave you to intemperate the looks the way you like - they're easy peasy (apart from one which is slightly more in depth but I'll let you know about when you get to it).

Sexy Vampire - What I Used:
White cream makeup (or alternatively white powder)
Black eyeshadow for contouring
Black and red eyeshadow (black all over and then red in the crease)
- also use remaining eyeshadow along the bottom lash line
Black eyeshadow or black brow kit for eyebrows
Red glitter eyeliner
Black eyeliner
Black and red lipstick
Black mascara
Talc/baby powder for the hair
Fake blood (I used red lipstick though as I didn't have any at the time of this look).

Sugar Skull - What I Used:
White cream makeup (or white powder)
Black gel liner and lots of black eyeshadow
Coloured eyeliners and/or eyeshadows/face paint
Black eyeliner
Black mascara.

Pop Art Cartoon - What I Used:

White jumbo pen
Eyeliner/Face paint
Any colour of eyeshadow

Eyebrow kit (any colour)
(I'm aware this one is slightly edited to get the colouring a bit brighter)

The Bride of Chucky/Knife Victim - What I Used:

Red and Black eyeshadow (one eye)
Cream and brown eyeshadow (other eye)
Black face paint/eyeliner
Red face paint/red lip pencil
Red lipstick
Brown/pink lipliner
Fake blood.

Pencil through the Nose - What I Used:
Eyebrow kit
Bronze eyeshadow
Fake blood
Red and Black face paint and eyeshadow
A small pencil
Liquid Latex
Tissue Paper
Face wax
Nail file
(quick low down on how I done this: Had my makeup done, then washed away and dried the area's I was going to be working on, I then snapped the pencil in half, filed down the sharp edges, used face wax -unsure of the correct name- and wedged the bottom part of pencil into it, same again the the top part - making sure they were diagonal to each other, applied on ply of tissue paper with liquid latex, and built this up until I was happy with it, waited for it to dry then applied the foundation over this and blended it into the foundation I had on, I then played around with black and red face paint and eyeshadow until I was happy enough with it. I then applied some fake blood and ta da!)

I am loving taking part in #Halloweek! If you would like to get involved find the details here, you can also find drainedbeauty who created #Halloweek here. Make sure you search the #Halloweek tag on twitter to see all the other amazing bloggers taking part and see the Halloween looks they create!


  1. These look amazing, the pencil one looks so good! My skin's not a big fan of face paints and latex either, when I used it my skin dried right up! Happy Halloween :)

    Lauren xx

    1. Thanks lovely! Yeah it sucks too because I love doing random face paints on myself and then I end up in agony with it, I can't win! lol

      And even though I'm a day late now, Happy Halloween to you also!

      Natalie xx


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