Friday, 18 October 2013

Favourite Beauty Products Tag.

Yesterday I was tagged by the lovely Lauren from Tea & Post how cute is that blog name btw?!) to do this tag so this is me just getting round to doing it, I was a busy bee yesterday and this morning trying to find an outfit to wear under my gown for my graduation, and oh also the MOBO awards tomorrow night - oh yeah ;)

#1 Foundation

It's so strange I own 8 foundations when I only have one face haha! But my beyond favourite is the Rimmel Wake Me Up - the shade I use is 100 Ivory. I love how good a coverage this gives and also makes my skin look so flawless and dewy. It's the ultimate high street (drug store) foundation in my opinion.

#2 Mascara

I really need to try more mascaras it's not something I have much of - I had a YSL one about a year or so ago that I loved but it was a bit pricey to keep going back to, so I now love L'oreal Million Lashes - in Brown (sometimes I buy black) I don't know if it's just me but even though I have dark eyelashes I feel the brown one makes them look so much longer haha - this may just be me imagining things which wouldn't surprise me haha!

#3 Blush

I'm a huge lover of Sleek blushes and at the mo. my favourite is the Rose Gold, apparently it's a dupe of NARS Orgasm but I've not tried this so can't comment but there's enough beauty bloggers out there saying it for me to believe lmao. I love the colour and with having dark features (hair, eyes, eyebrows etc) I feel I pull this off quite well if I do say so myself - it's also really buildable so you can have the lighest or darkest amount depending on what look you want to achieve.

#4 Lipstick (or any other lip product)

If you're an avid reader of my blogs you'll know by now purple is my signature lip colour (no matter what the time of year it is - wow living life dangerously) and the purple I tend to opt for is Maybelline Midnight Plum as I feel it like it last a good 2 hours before I need to top up - no word of a lie, and it doesn't dry out my lips like most lipsticks tend to do.

#5 Eye shadow

I love Broken (brown colour) and Icon (purple colour) both from the MUA Smokin Palette I like the Broken eyeshadow for an everyday natural smokey eye but I love the Icon eyeshadow just for a change - obviously not when I'm sporting a purple lip of course, talk about clashing. The thing I love about the MUA eyeshadow palette's are that they're super cheap (£4), extremely pigmented and alongside that they vary between matte colours and shimmer colours - bonus!

#6 Concealer

Rimmel Wake Me Up in Ivory considering it goes with my foundation - I don't usually wear concealer though, so in all honestly this was the first one I intentionally bought and have used regularly - what I've realised with this though as it's more good at covering dark circles than it is concealing blemishes, not that I have many.

#7 Eyeliner

Collection gel liner in Black - I feel this is super easy to apply, doesn't budge once set (I usually set with a black eyeshadow just to be on the safe side) and also if you want to blend it's super blendable. It'd totally recommend this as it's cheap as chips and works a treat.

#8 Shampoo/Conditioner

I can never settle with one brand I'm always chopping and changing so I don't really have a favourite - but just now I'm using Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo and Conditioner, if anything it smells amazing - the reason behind buying this is because my hair reaches my bum - I wish I was kidding, and I just wanted something to make it... luscious looking I suppose haha! So far it seems to be doing the job so hopefully it keeps it up - I'm almost ran out though and I can't seem to find this again anywhere else - if anyone that's from the Glasgow area spots this please please please let me know where you see it, thanks.

#9 Moisturiser

My favourite Moisturiser is one buy Darphin I can't even tell you the name of it because I can't remember - the last time I used it was when I was still at college - so maybe about April/May time - and you can't buy it over the counter I don't think, if so I have no idea where as I've not spoted it anywhere - if anyone can confirm this for me I'd be greatful. All I can say about it though was it smelt amazing and it was so creamy and just soaked right into my skin - my skin has never felt as good as when I was using that.

#10 Hairspray

The hairspray I use which holds my hair in place for hours is Shockwave Extra Strong Power Hold (5) it make my hair super stiff which with my hair being so long I need as if I have curled my hair they'd just fall out without this - it also smells great (I clearly have a thing with nice smells haha) but honestly although it makes my hair solid it's surprisingly easy to comb out when it comes to it, you can also get it in different streghts with 5 being what I go for - this being the strongest so if you don't like the solid no movement look you can opt for numbers 1 to 4.

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  1. Thats my fav concealer too, soo affordable aswell! xo

    1. Yeah I know, who needs high end, eh? lol! xx

  2. I'll have to try that lipstick, I'm a fellow lover of a dark lip :) Never used any MUA products either so I'll add the eyeshadow palette to my 'to try' list too!

    Lauren xx

    1. You can't beat a dark lip! lol, the maybelline one i mentioned isn't too dark though, but it's dark enough, I've reviewed it in one of my previous blogs but can't mind which one, oh have you not?! you would LOVE them, let me know once you've tried them lovely! xx


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