Thursday, 31 October 2013

British Blogger Selection.

Hi There! Two posts in the one day?! Am I feeling okay?! haha, yip I can safely say I am! I just thought I'd update you in a new wee venture that I'm involved in, which is the British Blogger Selection - this was created by the lovely Ellie over at Little Vintage CameraThe idea behind this is to get all British bloggers involed with themed posts weekly, it doesn't matter what the theme is you can take it and do whatever you want with it keeping it as simple or as severe as your heart desires!

If this is something that interests you, please get in contact with Ellie, send her a message containing: your blog URL, blog name and your first name and surname! She has a contact tab on her page where you can find her email address and then she will then get in contact with you regarding the theme for that week - I'll get my first post up tomorrow.

This would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing the posts of all who get involved!

Natalie xx

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