Friday, 4 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Hey poppets! Sorry I've been a bit MIA recently, I've literally been busy doing nothing. So.. it's October?! That's blummin scary to say the least. I felt like I turned 20 in April I blinked and next thing I knew here was October, people don't kid on when they say "the older you get the faster the years go by" .. they do! 

Most people will be aware that with it being October, that also means that it's currently "Breast Cancer Awareness month" , this is extremely close to my heart this cause as in 2011 my beautiful Mum was diagnosed with this horrible disease that affects thousands of people each year. Fortunately my Mum survived and well and truly kicked cancers bottom (to put is as politely as possible), but as we're all aware not everyone is as lucky. That's why we have this month to raise awareness for people who have fought against and survived or lost their fight or are currently still fighting that we're behind them 100% , there is several ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness whether it be buying something that supports the cause you've saw in a local store, to holding you're own charity event or even just donating to the foundation, whether it be 50 pence or 50 pounds it all adds up and gets both the woman and men affected by this the help they need and also research into finding a cure!

A few other bloggers recently have spoken about the Nails Inc Pinkie Pink nail polish which is a limited addition nail polish, supported by Poppy Delevigne and Matthew Williamson, costing £11 (available on the Nails Inc website) and for every nail polish sold £1 goes to charity. The nail polish can be worn on the "pinkie" nail itself and for every person that does this, or sees someone else doing so they must send a picture of it to @nailsinc with the hashtag #spotthepinkie and Nails Inc will donate 10p for everyone received - look out they may even appear on mannequins nails in shop windows, so keep an eye out for it and snap away! You can find the limited edition nail polish here.

(Image from Beauty Bay)

On the subject of things which you can buy to support the cause, I've found several things you'll be able to buy on the high street, my favourites being the "Penelope Pink Tangle Teezer" at £12.50 - with £2 donation, the "Boux Avenue Carina Plunge Bra with Shorts" £26 (bra) shorts (£12) with a £1 donation from each item and I'm also loving the "NSPA Raspberry Shower and Bath Gel" £3 or 2 for £4 with a 20p donation. All these and more can be found from here , prices vary and it tells you the price, the donation being made from the item and where you can find it.

To donate, click here.

Natalie xx

(p.s always cop a feel and know what feels right and what doesn't feel right when it comes to your breasts, but do remember not all lumps are breast cancer - if you're unsure consult with your GP, or even ask them to demonstrate how to search yourself, after my Mum was diagnosed I did and I check myself regularly now when I'm in the shower).

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