Sunday, 1 September 2013

What's in my (every day) Bag?

This is my "daily" bag and the contents of it, usually you can find other things in here but these are the things you're certain to see as well as chewing gum which for a change I didn't have! - shocker! My bags from Primark and think it cost me around £12, I also have it in beige. I love a big bag which this is as you can probably tell due to it's contents. I take my love of big bags from my Mum cause she's obsessed with them! 

Perfume: Beyonce Heat Rush - my favourite perfume, this is the 100ml bottle so it's quite bulky to carry around but I usually have the 30ml but recently ran out - you can get this from your local high street store/drug store and it ranges quite a bit in price.
Lush Bubblegum lip scrub is amazing, especially with the cold weather coming in, for those who don't know what this is, it's an exfoliater for your lips so make sure you don't over use it. It's £5.50 and smells delicious, but you can lick it off which is a good job (I probs would do this anyway due to the smell).
Maybelline lipstick in Midnight Plum is my trusty lipstick colour - always with me no matter what the occasion.
Jane Iredale lip gloss in Candy Rose, use this for a wee change every now and again, I also feel it moisturises my lips a great deal also everyone that's a fan of mineral makeup I recommend the Jane Iredale range to you!! which you can get here. (this is a UK link but if you click it you can change the country you're based in at the top right hand corner).

Literally nothing to this - just a random comb to keep my hair in check as it has a mind of it's own, 2 bobbles I think from primark and some kirbies which I ripped off from a pack of 100 from a local pound shop.

My glasses which I got from Tesco, the make of them are "Truth" which I'm not certain but think they're Tesco's own brand? , I don't often wear my glasses due to the optician saying my eyes are okay and just prescribed me with a small prescription to be on the safe and that it's best to wear them under artificial lighting (looking at boards, computers, my phone etc) which tbf I do with quite a majority of my time so maybe I should wear them more often? I also have these same glasses in Lilac. (I also have an anti-glare in my glasses so I don't get the shine from my computer screen, phone etc). 

Random things in my bag, obviously my purse which is a main thing tbf - it's from Primark and even though it only cost me about £6 it's lasted me a lot longer than most and holds a hell of a lot of things in it. 
My keys consisting of my professor green bottle opener. 
My headphones - my gummy ones broke so for now I have these cheap pair from a pound shop but they do just as good a job as my gummies!
My hello kitty notebook - filled with my blog plans, it's with me so I can write down my ideas for blogs etc so I don't need to keep saving them in my phone cause it can get pretty clogged up.

Natalie xx


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