Monday, 9 September 2013

#SBBC Day 9 - Ways to Incorporate Colour.

I quite like this topic as it's something I actually have knowledge about haha! So here goes..

Around May time, I think it was a Thursday (not that you needed to know that..) me and one of my best friends attended a workshop at the Illamasqua counter in Glasgow which was held by an amazing makeup artist called Mika who I got some fab tips from! So it's a good job I remembered them for the sake of this blog haha! As me and my friend attended the later session (we had to do a quick dash from college for the train! - nightmare!) it ended up being us and us only in the workshop we were at so we got a lot of one on one help and we couldn't get away with hiding in the back (which we would have done without a doubt if there were more bodies in attendance) anyway cutting to the point - we carried out a smokey eye look and anyone familiar with the Illamsqua brand will know of their "Paranormal" product line which contains the "Paranormal" eyeshadow palette which is quite a vibrant coloured palette so what we done to add a dash of colour was take one of the colours and literally apply it to the centre of the lid and no more, and it opened up the eyes tremendously! So it just shows what a pop of colour can do! - Also for anyone who is afraid of wearing bright colours on their eyes this is a great look to start off with as it's not too much and is totally wearable! - for anyone that's still too scared to go for this look a bright lipstick colour is your best bet to go with - several colours available so you can go as far fetched with this look as you so desire!

I'm not a big clothes person, I'm more of a buy clothes when needed kind of person tbh. But if I specialise in anything when it comes to clothes it's adding a dash of colour - to do this there's a combination of ways, 3 of which I will list below -

Just to inform you all before I go ahead - I'm assuming you're wearing a monochrome look haha! 

Look One 
Fully monochrome clothed with a dash of colour using a bag of some sort and matching colour of shoes.  

Look Two
Monochrome outfit including bag, with a dash of colour in the shoes and jacket so they aren't too close to each other.

Look Three
For those who don't want to be as extreme, keeping your outfit monochrome - add a dash of colour using statement jewellery and voila, look complete!

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