Friday, 6 September 2013

#SBBC Day 4 - Favourite Hand Cream.

Hello lovelies! Apologies, we're on day 6 of the September Beauty Blog Challenge and I need to go and catch up with days 4 and 5 as guess what?! I have a job!!! Yay!! Nothing beauty related as yet sadly :( but hey ho better than nothing. But I've not been used to getting up so early so I've been sleeping when I get in from work so keep missing these posts, sad face! Anyway , day 4 is my favourite hand cream, tbh I'm not a lover of hand creams my hands stay super moisturised with my body butter which I have spoken about here.  I've saw loads of good reviews on the soap and glory hand food though and it looks really good so I might need to give it a try when my first wage comes in ;) haha.

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