Wednesday, 25 September 2013

#SBBC Day 25 - Shopping Habits & Mini Beauty Haul.

Okay this full post was supposed to be a "shopping habits" post but I don't really have much - so I thought I'd add in a mini beauty haul since I went shopping today and got some random bits and bobs all individually less than a fiver (£5) and altogether less than a tenner (£10) - can't complain eh?! 

So to kick this post off I best cover the "shopping habits" bit off first eh? To be honest I'm more of a makeup rather than clothes kinda person, and I'd rather buy pointless wee things rather than one big thing that I love and when I do go shopping I tend to just go into the shop - maybe have a quick snoop buy what I'm needing then back out again. If I'm going looking for an outfit and have no idea what I'm looking for I'm a nightmare (ask my mum she'll back me on this) I can be the moodiest person ever at this point, typical girl problem no doubt! If I'm buying for someone else I'm not too fussed I usually have an idea or two what I'm looking for or I just make a present up for them that means something to them or they can keep forever, something cute that I've actually but thought into, I love gifts like them! When I do go shopping for clothes I usually find what I need in Primark, New Look or Matalan as the clothes are lovely in them all and are pocket friendly, I do like to have a snoop online and get the odd purchase from ASOS, but I know what I like and what I like is usually out of my limit price wise, but as the saying goes (usually not in clothing terms however) a girl can look! haha, but yip that concludes my shopping habits, now on to what bargains I picked up today, love a good bargain so I do!

(left to right) Dainty Doll Eyeshadow (Are You Experienced), Dainty Doll Eyeshadow Base (Frankie Girl), Revlon Nail Polishes (135 Sweet Tart/340 Stunning/902 Craving Coral), Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner (Black), Smash Box Liquid Halo HD Foundation testers, Pure 3 in 1 makeup remover wipes.

Didn't even plan on buying anything today cause I'm seriously lacking in the money department (hurry up payday!!) but that was all fine and dandy until I went into poundland today with my mum, she got a phone call so went out to the door and left me to browse at the makeup section, bad idea! Faster than you could blink I had picked up the 3 Revlon nail polish (one which I already own) and the two Dainty Doll products and the 3 in 1 wipes, I just can't resist a £1 bargain, especially when you'd usually pay £6 odd for a Revlon nail polish (these ones are obviously discontinued products or a faulty batch of some sort) and I'm not sure how much the Dainty Doll things usually cost but it sure as hell ain't a pound! 

Dainty Doll Eyeshadow
(Are You Experienced)

I originally bought the two Dainty Doll products thinking they were both eyeshadow but it turns out the Frankie Girl one is just a base, as this was in packaging I wasn't sure what colour of brown it would be (it said dark brown, but you get several brown colours) but I risked it with it being Autumn and all, you can't go wrong with a brown. So upon testing it out for this post I'm happy with the matte texture and also the pigmentation, I can't wait to give this a proper try soon. 

Two coats of each Revlon nail polish (left to right 135 Sweet Tart/340 Stunning/902 Craving Coral) I've ha the sweet tart one before and I loved it so o thought why not pick it up for £1 and I adored the look of the other two so thought I might as well pick them up! Having had the sweet tart one before I know they last so can't wait to try them out again on a full set of nails! 

I've been looking for a gel liner for ages and I've saw a few reviews on this an there was like £1 discount or so, it was down to £3.48 in Asda! lol, I actually can't fault this as it does what it says on the lid which is last long, I was at it for ages trying to get it off with my 3 in 1 makeup wipes which is also bought today in poundland, they smell absolutely amazing and I bought them for lazy days as I'm trying to up my cleansing routine.

 (on arm left to right shades 2, 4 , 6 and 9)

I got this free sample in Boots today, it's a Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation, upon looking at the range today in the shop and also talking to the consultant I have concluded that they deal with lots of skin tones and also that it's a photographic based makeup company, which I back 100% cause I'm all for looking good in photographs (what, who's not?!) after coming home and trying this out (the tester shades where in 2, 4, 6 and 9) I opted for shade 2 as it was the closest to my skin type and turned out to be the perfect colour - another great thing I love about this is that it contains an SPF 15 so you don't need to worry about putting one on under your foundation! One thing I noticed at the counter today is how pricey it was though but since I really did like the texture which felt extremely moisturising but fast drying I think I'd maybe have a sneaky purchase or two from there when I receive my first wage (naughty Natalie!) 

 Natalie xx

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