Monday, 23 September 2013

#SBBC Day 23 - Hints & Tips.

On my blog post from the #SBBC Day 21 I done a "shop my stash" type blog, however, based it around fake tanning products. At the end of the blog I asked if anyone would be interest in a hints & tips post on tanning due to me being trained in Fake Bake spray tans; no one commented (awkward) but this is the perfect post for me to do this on so know what? I'm going to. All these hints and tips will give you the best tanning result you can imagine! 

Before your tan (24 hours prior to tanning):

Moisturiser - must be oil free moisturiser
Wash your hair
Dry you hair

- also make sure you have been patched tested for the tanning products (every time!!)
- no other self tanning products up to a week prior to the tan 
- no deodorant / makeup / baby oil / body lotion to be applied before tanning

wear loose, dark (preferably old) clothes to get your tan done. 

During tanning process: 

Things you should be given to wear (all optional) from your therapist are;
- disposable underwear
- sticky soles (to protect the soles of your feet)
- hair protector

You will then have oil free moisturiser applied to your;
- feet, knees, hands and elbows (plus any other dry areas you have).

Your tan will then be applied professionally lasting roughly 10 minutes.
Then you will be left for a few minutes to dry off, and you can then get dressed.

- You do not need two or more layers of fake tan for your skin to go darker, the tan will only be based on the first layer of tan applied so anymore would be a waste of product!!

After your tan - straight away:
Wear loose, dark (preferably old) clothing
Keep dry and try to avoid all contact with water (no dishes to do, yay!)

Let the tan develop for 6 to 8 hours (I usually do this over night)
Try to avoid any other beauty/hair treatments whilst your tan is developing
Avoid any physical activities (things that will make you perspire aka sweat)
Try to drink via a straw.

After your tan has developed:

Rinse off colour guide 
Avoid products with alpha hydroxy acids as they can strip the tan
Avoid chlorine
To prolong your tan use oil free moisturiser.

If your unsure of which tan to opt for (presuming you have the choice) your therapist should hold an initial consultation with you.

Hope this helps,
Natalie xx

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