Monday, 23 September 2013

#SBBC Day 22 - Signature Perfume.

This without a doubt is my favourite perfume I'm sure this is my second big 100ml bottle and I've already had two 30ml's as well, I go through it like there's no tomorrow - for those not familiar with this perfume it is the:
Beyonce Heat Rush!

Obviously I do have other perfumes I really like and some more bigger named brands that are out there such as Dior and Pacco Rabanne , however Beyonce's second scent in her perfume range is the one I come back to time and time again! It also is bank friendly at £18.25 in Boots for the 100ml so very affordable.

The reason why I like this so much is that I really love fruity smells and this just screams fruitiness! I'd class this as a "sexy, girly, fun smelling perfume" and I'd say it suits a vast range of ages assuming a fruity smell is what you want to opt for; I'll leave a list of the notes this perfume contains at the bottom of this post for all you note obsessed people! (That's me included).


Whilst I'm on the subject of perfume I'm going to do a perfume "throwback" which reminds me of my younger days , aka 13/14 year old Natalie. This perfume being; Versace Baby Rose Jeans.

(picture from google).

This honestly reminds me so much of my younger years in High School (not sure English or USA equivalent - sorry) because my friend used to wear this and I asked her what kind it was and she told me and after that I was hooked, there was also a red and blue version but it was all about the baby rose version back then! I'm not even sure of the notes for this one but I'm sure it was quite the mix between floral and fruity (you think the "rose" part would give the floral away) but honestly it was splendid to say the least. I was looking at it last week and told my mum I'm determined to buy it on pay day as I want to have a spritz and relive my younger years (I also need to text my friend asap to see if she remembers this!!). The bum note with this perfume is that it's really hard to find - I think one or two shops at most near me stock it (it's much easier to find the red and blue) but I think it's about £10 at the most.

Natalie xx

Beyonce Heat Rush Notes:
Top: Passion fruit, blood orange and Brazilian Cherry.
Heart: Yellow Tiger Orchid, Mango Blossom and Orange Hibiscus.
Base: Teakwood, Honey Amber and a Musk accord that is inspired by the sunsets in Brazil.

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