Sunday, 22 September 2013

#SBBC Day 21 - Shop My Stash - sort of.

Okay ladies, sincere apologies again - I'm posting a day late but having recently got a job and I'm so tired when I get home even though I finish early afternoon but I'm up from half 6/ish so usually fall asleep once I eventually get home (buses are horrible things). So anyway I'm posting a day late again (snoozeville) but I promise to post todays and tomorrows blog posts tomorrow night at some point; 

so for yesterdays "challenge" day it was a shop your stash but I've thrown a wee change in there and put my own twist on it - what this post will be about is not necessarily products that I have forgotten about but ones I'm not using as much - à la tanning products - as I'm loving the au natural look these days .. so here goes.

(left to right) St Tropez Mousse, Chloe Sims 1 Hour Mousse, St Moriz (Medium), Sun Shimmer Instant (Medium), Fake Bake Flawless Spray.

I have tried other tans however these are the ones I have just now (I have duplicates of them all minus the chloe sims tan as I haven't gotten round to buying another yet).

St Tropez Mousse - Okay I'm afraid to say this is my favourite tan which I'd recommend to anyone but it's the dearest at around £35 (don't have correct price to hand) - it's natural looking, but not overly natural that it looks as if there is nothing there, but just enough to make you glow and look like a bronzed goddess, I'd recommend this for any brides to be also, as I don't feel it transfers on to clothes as much as other tans (and doesn't give off a biscuit smell) I wear this tan to all "important" occasions as it makes me feel good about myself. A must have I'd say!

Chloe Sims - I love this tan, the colouring reminds me of the st tropez, as it says on the bottle you can get a colour after 1 hour, however it isn't a very strong colour, you'd have to keep it on longer for how much darker you'd like your tan to go. At £20 I'd say it's the best alternative to the st tropez and you still aren't getting the biscuity smell. I did feel this came off on to my clothes a small amount (but that may be due to sweating in what felt like a sauna at the time of wearing this - lovely image for you there haha).

St Moriz - Cheap alternative to st tropez, for your first tan I'd say this is a great buy at roughly £3.99. I feel it it super hard to exfoliate off though but when it's on and applied correctly it looks lovely! I don't feel it has much of smell to it either.

Sun Shimmer Lotion - Okay this has pros and cons to it, one - its instant so for any last minute plans it's great to shove on, also because it's a lotion formula it's fast to apply the cons are however it has shimmer in it which is not everyones cup of tea but it does state on the bottle that it is a shimmer, also it is a wash off product so basically if you get caught in the rain you're screwed pretty much (and living in Scotland this tends to happen to me a lot). With this I also find it slightly biscuit smelling but it also costs about £4 or there abouts and does it's job great so what's not to like?!

Fake Bake Flawless Spray - Being trained in Fake Bake spray tans comes in handy here (I also have the fb original and fb darker formulas for the spray gun but I felt they would be useless in this post as they need to be applied with the spray gun). The Flawless spray from Fake Bake is my ultimate favourite Fake Bake product as it smells of coconuts but I felt it was a wee bit too light for my liking but I'm pleased to announce that Flawless Darker has just recently been released so I'll need to purchase that soon. So all in all I like this product but I think I'll prefer the darker one. Bare in mind this product isn't for you if you aren't a fan of coconuts as it smells strongly of them but that's what appealed me to this. I'm unsure of the exact price of this as I got it in the breast cancer set last year, but if you look online I'm sure you will be able to find it on there.

Just a small disclaimer here - all tans stated in this blog post only need one application (unless topping up) it doesn't matter how many times a tan is applied it your skin will only take to the first application so a 2nd or even 3rd will be a waste of product. (This is unless of course it's a build up product).

If anyone would like to see a separate blog post on my blogging tips please leave a comment below, thank you!

Natalie xx

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