Thursday, 19 September 2013

#SBBC Day 19 - Storage.

This is where I store my makeup, I took inspiration from one of Louise's (Sprinke of Glitter) youtube videos, if it wasn't Louise's it was Tanya Burr's. I can't actually remember who's it was out of the two but anyway it was about storage so I was then on a mission to tidy up my makeup and nail polishes so they were all organised, so as you can see all my cleansers etc are at the back of the drawer, as well as my palettes (which are also underneath the baskets) and then I have an apron and brush "holder" thing. Then I have baskets containing (left to right) brushes, foundations/powders/blushers/primers, eyeshadows/eyebrow kits, mascaras/eyeliners/eyelashes/eyelash glues, lipsticks/lipglosses/lip liners/lip balms/diy lip tars. (I got my baskets from Wilkinson, can't remember how much for though).     

This is my nail polish collection as you can see it's all set out nicely into two boxes cause there was that much, basically the way I've set it up is by colour coordinating it and that's that. 

Natalie xx

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