Monday, 16 September 2013

#SBBC Day 16 - Wish List.

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Okay this is my first ever "wish list" and I've just threw random things in there cause I hadn't actually though about it, so when I gave it 5 minutes (scrap that, about an hour) this is what I came up with and I think it's a pretty good wish list if I do say so myself - even if some of the things are a bit far fetched! lmao

Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Kid - I know I'm kidding myself on here but I'd loveeeee a pair of these, and having bagged myself a job I'm on a roll wanting to save all my wages in order to buy myself a pair, but at £583 I'll be saving for a while if I wish to get myself a pair of these bad boys.

Revlon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer - For anyone familiar with my blog you'll know I'm not much a primer kind of girl, I don't feel  it helps much but after watching several reviews on youtube about this particular primer I'm dying to give it a chance, but at £11.99 I'm trying to work up the courage to part with it for a primer considering it's not something I'd usually wear, I wouldn't think twice about spending this is on a nice lipstick or foundation.

Limited Edition Zoella "Just Say Yes" Sunglasses - I'm desperately wanting these in my life but my first pay cheque isn't until the end of the month, so the fact these are Limited Edition makes me think there won't be any left the time pay day comes around - sad times. Also, the fact it's coming up winter  and I stay in Scotland I'm wondering if it's worth my while buying these - I do love them but!! And at £21.95 (I'm sure) I really can't go wrong, plus the colour is super cute! For those looking for a pair you can get them here.

Pink Love Jumper This jumper is £19.99 from New Look, but as much as I adore this jumper, I literally mean ANY jumper since we're in Autumn. I don't own any big comfy jumpers at all (my Mum actually just bought me the first jacket I've owned in years last week - I hate big, stuffy jackets) so I hope to purchase a few in the next few weeks.

Lush "Pumkin" Bubble Bar - Pumkin is not a typo btw. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a super Lush geek so it will be of no surprise to you to know I'm absolutely buzzing for this to come out (amongst others, but mainly this one haha). This comes out in Lush at the end of the month (23rd I'm sure?) and at £2.50 it's certainly not one I'll be missing out on.

Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle - I love Yankee Candles as much as I do Lush products (which is an extreme amount of loving haha) so when I saw this lovely one I'm like awww! It has a cute name and is pink so will match my room nicely, as you - more than likely - know already Yankee Candles come in different sizes so the price varies, and since this is a Christmas Edition it will only be available for a limited period of time so I best get my hands on one (to smell first) soon!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ20 - Right the story behind wanting this? I broke my camera ages ago, like months and months (sad face, it was only a wee pink kodak something or other, not sure which make tbh) and since then I've been using my iphone - so when thinking for this post -I wish I had a camera- the first thing I done was type "cameras" into google and this came up, viewed the features and benefits and decided I wanted this particular one, and £135 it's not the cheapest but not the dearest - I feel I could save up for this super fast.

Money - Totally random to be on my wish list but it's true, I wish for loads of money or a lottery win or something. Two of my bestest friends in the entire world are going to be Mummy's (eeeeeek) and to top it off their wee bundles of joy are due only 6 days apart so I'm going to be one skint Auntie Natalie by the end of January hence why I want to come into some money some time soon!

I Heart Christmas book, Lindsey Kelk - Every time a Lindsey Kelk book comes out my big brother buys me it which I love him millions for so I can't wait till he gets me this one, I nearly cried when I finished I Heart London (there is an I Heart.. series - starting with I Heart New York) so I was over whelmed with joy when I saw on twitter a while back that Lindsey had started penning her I Heart Christmas book so I'm mega excited for this! It's on amazon for pre-order at £5.75.

I have eventually wrote a blog post on it's due date!!
(I started this at about 3 today, and I'm posting it at 1 minute to midnight - talk about being easily distracted haha)

Natalie xx

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