Saturday, 14 September 2013

#SBBC Day 14 - Inspiration.

I take my inspiration from various places when doing my make up it literally could be from seeing someone walk past me in the street or to what someone I see on the TV wearing if I like the look of it, one of the main ones however are obviously following whatever my fave celebrities have got going on - as in this day and age that's what people my age will do.

I like to mix it up quite a bit so from one day to another I could be rocking a Kim Kardashian look, then to a Jessie J then to a Mila Kunis to a Katy Perry look - I honestly switch it up all the time depending on where I'm going I could be as severe as Katie Price with a full face of makeup or I could be wearing as little makeup as Jennifer Aniston it honestly just depends where I'm going and the mood I'm in, and of course what I'm wearing but don't be afraid to try out different looks - you might be sitting having only ever tried the one makeup look when a completely different looks suits you that you haven't yet given a shot, go on you know you want too!

Natalie xx 

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