Saturday, 14 September 2013

#SBBC Day 13 - DIY Beauty.


I'm giving all credit of this post to Marc aka Prince of Vanity over on youtube - you can find him here.

The link I've attached takes you directly to the link where I discovered (thanks to Marc) how to create you're own Lip Tars - DIY style.

I swear it's the easiest thing to attempt as usually I'm totally rubbish at DIY things but this one worked easy as pie for me! It literally takes 5 minutes tops and costs less than a fiver (depending on which products you pick).

My lips with a dark blue DIY lip tar:

What You Will Need:

Tube of clear lipgloss (light pink may do)
A pigment colour of your choice
A plastic dish
A small spatula of some sort
A plastic tub (container)

Please note I only made a small amount to try it out, hence writing "small" , you can create as much as you like. 

Have your dish sitting ready
Scrape a small amount (3/4 of a 5p size) of chapstick off with your spatula 
Squeeze a small amount (5p size) beside it
Pour a good amount of pigment over the top to ensure it's covered
Use the spatula to mix it together - enough to ensure there's no bumps
Test it on your lips and then store in the plastic tub (container) to see a step to step guide on this go over to Marc's channel using the link given.

Natalie xx   

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