Wednesday, 11 September 2013

#SBBC Day 11 - Biggest Beauty Fails.

I'm currently preparing to cringe when I upload the pictures that I'm about to.. not to blow my own trumpet but I've not had many beauty fails tbh and I found it extremely hard to find the two pictures that I have of course I've had the odd day where my makeup just isn't sitting the way I would like it to or I've been in a rush and missed bits here and there but it's not often and I don't find it a big deal as such but the two pictures that I'm attaching to this blog make me think "wtf" and if I could go back and slap 14/15, and maybe possibly 16 year old Natalie, then I would, prepare yourself girls.... - warning, may be some severe pouting going on. -

You'll be glad (or not so glad) to know this is the most normal one of the two pictures - the beauty fail behind this is (if you haven't spotted it lmao).. that even though at the time my makeup and tan were absolutely fine - I edited the absolutely sh*t out of this to make it tanned *cough*orange*cough* resulting in me resembeling an oopma loompa, with a greasy hair parting according to this picture - also I have no idea as to why it looks as if I've brought my blusher to away up above my temples, I can assure you I did not do this - trick photography I think haha!

AHHHH! Orange much?!?! There's a story behind this one though, and as much as I'd like it to be to excuse the orangeness -  this picture is not edited. I'm sure I was 15 coming up on 16 in this picture and I was going to my friends 17th house party last minute and I was in my other friends before we decided we were definitely going to go so I was looking a bit worse for wear so asked my friend for some tan to shove on so she gave me one which develops and not an instant tan as I don't think there were many of them about back in the day haha! So anyway I shoved it on and then some foundation and brozer as you do, and I was looking reasonably bronzed - that was until later in the night I was well.. orange, as you can see in this picture - the tan wouldn't seem to stop gradually getting darker and the worst part was it seemed to be only taking to my face and neck (hence the mega white arms) I also seem to be rocking the slight foundation lips look - attractive ;) haha.

These pictures are on the same nights as the above pictures proving I looked not as orange to begin with, just to clarify :) haha. The left picture was the same night as the top one I just shoved a crop top over the top I was wearing in the first picture. The right picture also shows even though I was a bit overly bronzed it was still a wearable look that I could just about get away with until the tan started to develop throughout the night! haha.

I hope any young ones reading this take note as looking back even though I thought I looked absolutely stunning at the time these were not good looks and also ones which I hope I never have to repeat.

Natalie xx 


  1. I think everyone looks back and thinks what the hell was I wearing or why did I wear my makeup like that, at least you've learnt from it, others just carry on!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. Haha yeah true I still see people my age walking around none the wiser and I'm like really?! haha

      I will do, thanks lovely!

      Natalie xx


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