Tuesday, 10 September 2013

#SBBC Day 10 - Beauty Pet Peeves.

Quickly doing this post before it hits 12 o'clock then I'm behind again so here goes ;

Clumpy eyelashes - I mean seriously why do you want to walk around as if you have 2 big spiders on your face?!

Oompa loompa & that line! okay so it's bad enough to be walking around resembling an oompa loompa however it's even worse when you can tell you aren't really an oompa loompa cause of the big giveaway line at your jaw, eugh!

Slug brows - okay so big brows are in , slugs aren't - what's the deal with having creature like replicas on your face?!

Enhanced eyelashes on mascara adds, why?! It's not giving the product a good name and I certainly won't be buying it!!

Natalie xx

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