Monday, 12 August 2013

Recreating my prom makeup.

Before I took my short unexpected break from blogging this was supposed to be my next blog but I never got round to it. The first picture you will see is of me before setting off to my college prom in June, the next two pictures will be of my recreation of that look and then I'll go on to tell you which products I used and the order I used them in.

 me on my prom night.

Just a heads up for when I post my pictures of my makeup recreation, I have not waxed my eyebrows as I'm trying to grow them in thicker to get HD Brows and I am not wearing eyelashes like I did on my prom night as I thought it would be a waste of eyelashes and rather time consuming for a recreation blog especially when they are individual lashes, I will however attach a picture of the lashes I used on my prom night at the end of this blog. I was also wearing tan on the night of my prom and used two foundations to get the perfect colour and in the recreation I have no tan on so I'm only wearing the lighter of the two shades which I willl explain which is which when I upload the picture of which foundations I did use.


What I Used:
The brushes which I used to get the look - Royal & Langnickel S.I.L.K PRO
(left to right) Foundation C200 , Concealer C210 , Powder C100 , Contour C120
Blush C110 , Eye Shader MD C410 , Smudger C420 , Angle Eye Blender C460 , Eyebrow C490
Also I have no idea how much my brush set cost as my mum bought it for me.

The Order:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid - colour NW18 - £21.50
Wake Me Up Rimmel Foundation - colour 100 Ivory - £7.30
These are the foundations which I combined to create my prom look, in the recreation of it however I only used the Wake Me Up Rimmel Foundation as with no tan on this suited perfectly to my skin tone. I applied this with the Royal & Langnickel foundation C200 to my full face of course and since it matched perfectly I didn't need to take it down my neck.

This is the concealer palette which I used, it has no name but it's from ebay and cost me roughly £12. The colour I used to cover up any blemishes/dark circles was the middle colour on the middle row, so the third one in on the second line. This palette is perfect for anyone I think as it has various colours and you can also highlight and contour with it. The brush I used to apply it was the Concealer C210 and then just used my finger tip to push it in and blend it.

Fake Bake Bronzer - only comes in the one colour - £15
When applying this well used product I used my Powder C100 brush and literally used the smallest amount as I was going back to use this product as a contour powder under my jaw bone, cheek bone and on my temples and to do this I used Contour C120 brush.

Eyeshadow Palette (well half of it) has no name - ebay (unsure of price)
This looks in really bad condition but there is a reason for this my friend dropped it out her locker when I was at college just days after getting it and half of the colours broke away (sad face) but all is good! The colours I used in this palette were the colour top left, third in for highlighting my brow bone, bottom row third colour in from the left for my base colour both which I applied with Smudger C420. I then applied the colour on the bottom row, fourth in from the right with Eye Angle Blender C460 in a C shape from the corner of the eye up into the crease and slightly above the crease. I then used the Eye Shader MD C410 to press in the colour on the second row from the bottom, third colour in from the right into the lid, turned the brush around and went back to blend in. I then used the Eyebrow C490 to put in black eyeliner on my upper and lower lash line adding a small flick to to outer corners.

Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit - colour Brunette - £20
This product only comes in two colours Brunette and Blonde, it comes with 3 brushes and a small wax and lasts absolutely ages so you definitely get your moneys worth. I tend to shadow my eyebrows in quite thick and square them of and this is perfect for doing that, however you can also keep your brows as subtle as you want with this as it's a mineral product and I tend to build it up to get the look I desire.

Laura Geller Blush 'N' Brighten - colour Pink Buttercream - price unknown
The reason I don't know the price of this product is because I pinched it off my mum upon googling it it's roughly £20 but I'm not certain as I couldn't find the product for sale on it's own. On applying this product I didn't add a highlighter as it's two-tone so I feel it does that job for me. I applied this product with the Blush C110 brush.

Illamasqua Lipstick - colour Scandal - £16.50
The lipstick which I used was this Illamasqua one which appears to be a more redy/pink colour in this picture but it's a coral so it's really an orangey/pink also I just applied it using the actual stick and not a brush as I'm only using it on myself. 

"Medium" Salon System Individual Eyelashes - colour Black - £3.55
I applied a full pack of these lashes as I like to have my lashes thick and full.  I applied them with tweezers and Ardell Clear Adehsive for Individual Lashes which cost me £3.19. You can also get these lashes in Long and Short and they come in Brown as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post,
Natalie xx

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